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Dr. Will Cole Talks About Functional Medicine and Nutrition!

How would your life change if you viewed good nutrition as a form of self-respect, not self-restriction? Today we’re talking to Dr. Will Cole, functional medicine doctor and author of three books: Ketotarian, The Inflammation Spectrum, and Intuitive Fasting.

Dr. Cole has devoted his life to helping people take control of their health and wellness by rejecting the standard way of diagnosing illnesses and ailments. From an early age, Dr. Cole was interested in how what we consume can have a positive or negative effect on our health and longevity. Conducting his visits with patients through the telehealth arena, Dr. Cole can reach people worldwide, helping them to discover how their bodies react to various foods and nutritional changes. He’s reaching and helping people on a global scale, and we can’t wait to see his advancements in functional medicine in the upcoming years.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

●  Why Dr. Cole became interested in functional medicine (1:25) wellness (4:20)

●  The difference between functional medicine and a clinical approach to health and wellness (4:20)

●  The danger in not questioning “normal” lab results when what you’re feeling isn’t “normal” to you as an individual (5:30)

●  The trend, on a microlevel, toward a proactive approach to health and wellness (10:57)

●  The purpose behind the book Ketotarian and who would benefit from reading (16:20)

●  How personal preference plays a major role in nutritional choices (21:55)

●  The benefits of an elimination diet in discovering what foods are hindering or advancing your health (28:35)

●  How what you’re eating now may not negatively affect your health, but that of your children and future generations (34:46)

●  The benefits of intermittent fasting in regards to metabolism and overall health (39:33)

●  How to instill in your children the importance of good nutrition in a way they can  understand (49:47)


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