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Robert Orion Sikes



Prior to finding keto, I had followed a traditional, "bro-dieting" approach to my nutrition.  I would eat every 2 or 3 hours on the clock and I would count my calories and my macros to the gram.  I followed this protocol for the first 5 years of my bodybuilding career.  I experienced "success" in the sport in the sense of building muscle and being able to get incredibly lean for a competition but that success was short-lived and it was far from sustainable.  I developed serious eating disorders and had a terrible relationship with food.  Hormones would take a drastic nose dive with every prep I went through and mental clarity was all but lost.  I was the poster boy example of a stereotypical bodybuilder…. Chicken and rice at every meal.  Disordered eating.  Zombie mode towards the latter half of my prep.  Massive drops in strength and stamina.  Zero sex drive.  Unhealthy surges in body fat post-show followed by the negative cycle all over again.  I was definitely not the ideal picture of health and I had no idea where to turn.


In 2014 I started dabbling with "Carb-Backloading".  A dieting approach in which you remove all carbs during the day and only consume meats and veggies.  At night, you are supposed to consume a large bolus of high glycemic carbohydrates to intentionally spike insulin and provide fuel for the following day's workout.  This was all fine and dandy but I noticed that I would experience some GI distress on the days following the massive carb ups.  I decided to avoid them entirely and just see what happened.  Lo and behold I felt better in the absence of carbohydrates.  I didn't know it at the time but this was my first foray into the keto diet.  In 2014 there was zero hype about the ketogenic diet.  There were no food products, no podcasts, no books, no NOTHING.  I was in unchartered territory but I was experiencing benefits and decided to run with it.  I noticed an almost immediate benefit to my relationship with food and my battle with disordered eating started to subside.  That alone was reason enough for me to stick with it.  That wasn't all that changed though.  I experienced a drastic improvement in my gym performance.  My inflammation disappeared and my recovery time was cut in half.  My energy, both physically and mentally, shot through the roof!  My strength steadily improved and it was much much easier to maintain a lean physique without all the chronic calorie counting.  I didn't know exactly what I was doing but I knew I was onto something!


In 2017 I decided it was about time to step on stage again.  At this point, I had been following the keto diet for a few years and I felt pretty confident in its effect on my overall health.  I was totally unsure of my ability to be competitive on a bodybuilding stage with keto.  I figured it was worth a shot and that I'd blaze my own trail or die trying.  There were no keto coaches at that time and certainly none that were competitive bodybuilders so I was flying blind and learning as I went.  I tracked every morsel of every macro that went into my mouth.  I tested blood ketones, glucose, hormones, EVERYTHING!  I took detailed progress pics and measurements.  I tracked my training and how I felt.  I left no stone unturned and documented everything to the best of my ability.  I wanted to learn as much as humanly possible and pave the way to a healthier protocol for competition dieting.  

When the show day finally arrived I was at peace with myself.  I knew I had put in the work and I was prepared to let the judges take it from there.  I meditated until it was my turn to step on stage.  The judges liked what they saw…. I brought a level of conditioning that I personally have never achieved before.  My skin was so incredibly paper-thin, showcasing every artery, vein, and capillary that could be seen.  I filled out and had a crazy pump that took all the other competitors by surprise.  I waltzed onto center stage knowing that I had just brought a level of conditioning to the table that was going to redefine what was possible in the world of natural bodybuilding.  And what's more…I did it following a strictly ketogenic protocol that I had developed myself through rigorous trial and error and self-experimentation.  I earned my bodybuilding pro-card that day.  From then on, I was able to claim the title of a professional, natural, ketogenic bodybuilder.  A title I hold very dear and carry with pride.


I've since dedicated my life to refining my methods and teaching others this technique.  I truly believe it to be significantly healthier than traditional dieting methods.  It's incredibly sustainable, I've followed it flawlessly for the past 6 years.  It's also superior!  My performance has only improved and my life optimized.  The industry is still filled with doubters, clinging to their dogmatic beliefs about carbohydrates being required in the sport of performance bodybuilding.  You can be swayed by their ignorant interpretations of the diet or…you can listen to me.

I've coached hundreds to success with my methods.  Many of which are world-class athletes in their own rights.  I don't pretend to know all the answers but I am confident I know one thing pretty damn well….How to optimize your health and perform at an elite level leveraging the ketogenic diet.  I've quite literally made this my life's purpose.  After battling with disordered eating for years and being lost in a sea of endless information regarding human performance, I set out to discover the solution.  Ketogenic natural bodybuilding is that solution.  So, if the possibility of taking control of your nutrition, removing the guesswork from the sport of bodybuilding, and becoming an overall badass excites you, please leverage this website and its resources!


Yes! In addition to 1:1 coaching, I have multiple products, services, and content channels that are all centered on keto performance.


Absolutely! I've spoken at several ketogenic conferences, including Keto Con, the Low Carb Cruise, The Keto Summit, and several others. I enjoy interacting with people face-to-face within this community and would love to have the opportunity to help spread the word.

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