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Dr. Sylvia Tara on everything to do with all kinds of Fat!

Doctor Sylvia Tara joins me on today’s podcast to talk about everything to do with every kind of fat. We talk about the difference between fat in men and women, the different types of fat, what fat does and doesn’t do in our body, and more! We talk briefly about her book, and how she got into studying fat in the first place. We also talk about mindset and habit forming as well. Enjoy!

Her book on amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Secret-Life-Fat-Science-Understood/dp/0393244830#:~:text=Tara%20expertly%20illustrates%20the%20complex,much%20smarter%20than%20we%20think



Aaron Day on some changes in his life, coaching, his new cookbook and more!

Aaron Day is back on the podcast today to talk about his new air fryer cookbook, parenting, his composition changes and more. We talk about how being a coach is going for him, as well as his new life as a dad. We also talk a bit about business and so much more! Enjoy!

His cookbook: https://www.amazon.com/Healthy-Keto-Air-Fryer-Cookbook/dp/1615649794

His Website: www.fatforweightloss.com.au

Stephen Hussey on everything you need to know about the Heart!

Stephen Hussey has been on the podcast a few times and each time he brings such incredible information to the table. There is so much to learn about the heart, heart disease, etc. and if you haven’t listened to any of the previous episodes, I would highly suggest you do! We talk a bit about fourth phase water as well as his new book. Enjoy!

His book: https://www.amazon.com/Understanding-Heart-Uncommon-Insights-Commonly-ebook/dp/B08WCJ1WHN/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=stephen+hussey&qid=1613148349&sr=8-2


John Roth on getting his wings back and handling his diabetes!

John Roth is a repeat guest from a few years back and today we talk about just how far he has come since the last time he was on the podcast! We talk about dealing with diabetes as a pilot and how it changed his life trajectory. Fortunately he has recently “gotten his wings back” and has been able to return to flying! We also talk a bit about keto and parenting as well. Enjoy!


Dr. Minkoff on Modern Medicine vs Holistic Health!

Doctor Minkoff and I dive deep into modern medicine as well as a holistic approach. He tells his incredible story of how he got into holistic health, and all the success he has seen with his own patients. We talk about how much of modern medicine could be seen as a bandaid to most problems, and how legal issues and money get in the way of giving true care. Enjoy!


Brendan Ruh on the benefits and differences between CBD and THC!

Brendan Ruh and I dive into all things CBD and THC. He takes me through the differences, the benefits, and more. We talk about what got him started, the research he has done and found, as well as different studies that may or may not be legitimate. We talk about supplementation, cycling, and dosage as well! Enjoy!




Dave Sherwin on business, wellness, and his 7 pillers of nutrition!

Dave and I dive into a bit of business and his nutritional philosophy. We talk about what prompted him to start a weight loss company, as well as the success stories of some of his customers. We talk about how important it is to lose weight in a healthy way, what minerals we need, different supplements, and why you need to be moving every day! Enjoy!


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Bronson Dant on everything to do with WHY fitness matters!

Bronson and I bring information from our last podcast into a new light during today’s episode. Today is part 2 of a 2 podcast series where we dive into all things fitness and health related. This episode we discuss WHY fitness matters, and dive DEEP into nutrition and different diets as well as the pros and cons of each. Enjoy!



Mike Lee on boxing and everything to do with CBD!

Mike Lee is a professional boxer, and has recently started a CBD company with his sister! We talk about all things to do with health and wellbeing on today’s episode. We go over things like which form of CBD is best, a bit about keto and nutrition, doing your research on different products, the dangers of pain killers, and so much more. Enjoy!



Dr. Pucci on comparing and contrasting mainstream medicine and practices!

Dr. Pucci and I discuss all things medicine and medical practice on today’s episode! We talk about symptoms, medication, supplementation, as well as lifestyle changes. We talk about how disease is actually a form of inflammation somewhere in the body, blood pressure and how to measure it, the corona virus, blood testing and more. Enjoy!


Ben Azadi on coming back STRONG from the depths of depression!

Ben and I spend time talking about mindset on today’s podcast. We talk about his journey, coming from being depressed overweight and brokenhearted to being strong, happy and living a fulfilling life. We talk about his time being vegan, owning a crossfit gym, and what he learned about ketosis. We talk about the difference between high quality food and crappy products, as well as whether or not calories really matter. Enjoy!

His YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUh_MOM621MvpW_HLtfkLyQ

His Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-keto-kamp-podcast-with-ben-azadi/id1470779784

2021 Manifesto

Every year I record a manifesto to bring in the new beginning. By having a manifesto or “theme” for the year, I feel much more accountable than I would if I mimicked the masses and went for a phony new year’s resolution. 2021 is going to be all about doing MORE ladies and gents. No time to waste. No time to get soft. No opportunity missed. I have a list of things I commit to doing Every Damn Day without fail! It’s the small tasks done every single day that compound into the big events that change your life. Don’t squander the day to day. Commit to being better every single day. Stay SAVAGE 365 Days a year!

Gary Taubes on “The Case for the Keto Diet!”


Gary and I talk about the science behind different diets today and why he believes Keto is the way to go. We talk about things like the difficulties of health testing, why people want you to tell them what to eat, and whether or not you need more carbs to lose weight. We talk about Atkins vs Keto, the hormonal side of obesity and so much more! Enjoy!



James Neilson on running a successful business and changing you for YOU!

James and I talk business on today’s episode. We talk about how he brought his business up to be a multi-million dollar company, all while dealing with severe anxiety. We talk about how helping people is how you help yourself, how money won’t make you happy, and how important it is to set your kids up for success. Enjoy!


Colin Kingsmore on how the pandemic changed his life as a musician!

Colin and I discuss all things mindset on this podcast! We talk about how the pandemic turned his music career upside down, and how he has dealt with the change. We talk about his experience with carnivore, and how he basically build up an aversion to processed foods in general. We also talk a bit about connecting with nature, and how the pandemic is being handled in Canada. Enjoy!


Sahil from Headbanger’s Kitchen on Keto, death metal, and living in India!

Sahil and I catch up on what he has been working on, and how his weight loss journey is going. We talk about things like finding a job you are passionate about, death metal, and what it’s like living in India. I enjoyed the perspective he was able to provide on what our world is going through and the insight he was able to bring to the table. Enjoy!


Judy Cho on the Carnivore Dilemma!

Judy Cho and I really dig deep into the carnivore diet, and overall health as it pertains to the modern-day diet. We talk about why moderation is best, the ethical dilemma of eating meat, and whether or not you need fat if you have fat. We also talk about what it means if carnivore doesn’t work for you, as well as finding a balance between muscle meat and organ meat. Enjoy!


Rachel Gregory and Kim Howerton on everything to do with Metabolic Flexibility!

Rachel, Kim, and I take turns discussing metabolic flexibility on today’s podcast. We talk about things like whether or not women need carbs, carb cycling vs. targeted carbs, and what metabolic flexibility means to each of us. We also talk about being too restrictive, and how to moderate your environment. Enjoy!







Matteo Franceschetti on designing the world’s smartest mattress!

Matteo and I talk all about sleep and mattresses on this podcast! I have been in the market for a new mattress and I believe this will be the one I go with. We talk about all the things that it measures, and how it works to make itself different than any other mattress out there. If you want to learn more about sleep, or the mattress itself, give this podcast a listen!


Brad Marshall on creating the “Croissant diet” and what it did for him!

Brad and I talk about some very interesting findings as it pertains to stearic acid, and what it does to the body. We talk about how eating chicken may not be the best option, and how eating locally grown food is always better than getting it at a store. We talk about the relationship between starch and fat and dive a bit into antioxidants. I have so many more questions for Brad, but this podcast definitely sheds some light on some interesting topics. Enjoy!


Logan Duvall on keeping a positive mindset through the trials of life!

Logan owns a local market here in Arkansas, and I got the chance to meet with him and talk about life. We talk about how his son’s cancer was reversed with the Keto Diet, and how it led him to find the best options for him through nutrition. We talk a bit about the virus and how it impacted his market, but we mostly focus on how to stay positive through the hard times. Enjoy!


Rafael Ruiz on whether or not you should be wearing a mask during the pandemic!

Rafael and I dive extremely deep into the pandemic on today’s podcast. We talk about things like what it takes to come together as Americans and what it means to really be a member of your society. We talk about which professionals you should be trusting, and where you should be getting your information on Covid-19. We also discuss cases, trends, and outcomes as well. Enjoy!


Stephanie Person on the benefits of sticking to a strict, high-fat Keto Diet!

Stephanie and I are definitely speaking the same language when it comes to keeping things strict. We talk about how to optimize the Keto Diet for you, and the trouble with a high protein diet. We talk about some studies she has run on her clients, and what her findings were. We also talk about being a super athlete and how important it is to connect with nature! Hope you enjoy it!



California Keto on running a high quality Ketogenic Shop!

Jordana and Michelle, the owners of California Keto hop on this podcast with me to tell the world about their high-quality Keto shop! We talk about things like overall health and how important it is during this pandemic, and why they strive to build their business with clean keto products! Enjoy!



Colt Milton on how Covid-19 inspired him to start a new business!

Colt and I dive into all things bodybuilding and touch on the subject of eating disorders. We talk about how keto helped him build healthy habits and changed his life for the better. We talk a bit about business as well and how the virus ended up inspiring him to start a new business creating dumbbells for those in need of equipment while everything was closed! Enjoy!




Todd White on everything to know about Real Natural Wines!

Todd and I talk business on today’s podcast! He really dives into what it takes to run a good company and how to hire the right employees. He talks about his hiring process and what he looks for in the individuals he hires, as well as way of starting each workday. We talk a lot about work but also dive pretty deep into what it takes to make a real wine! We discuss why his wines are superior to what you’ll find on the shelves and so much more. Couldn’t be a better conversation, I hope you enjoy it!



Scott Haarmann on learning patience, and finding the RIGHT information about your diet!

Scott and I talk about his ups and downs through his fitness and wellness journey. We talk about how he used diet bets and wage bets to keep him motivated, and how ultimately it didn’t work because of the ability to cheat. We talk about how important it is to find the right information about diets, and how even more important it is to stay patient through the process. Enjoy!


Crystal and I recap 2020 thus far on our 300th podcast episode!

300 Episodes in ladies and gents!!  I launched the Keto Savage Podcast back in 2016 with no experience and no clue as to what I was doing!  It’s been a long road but I’ve enjoyed the entire journey!  This 300th episode was recorded at my Family Farm next to the river with my lovely wife Crystal!  We talked about all the craziness that 2020 has been and how we’ve tried to make the most of it.  We also dove into all of the upcoming projects that have us excited!  I truly hope you enjoy the conversation and I can’t thank you enough for supporting this podcast, our message, the business, and all that we stand for.  Thank you from the very bottom of my heart!



Maryam Heidari on being thankful for the life that you live!

Maryam is a current client of mine and has been absolutely killing it. She has overcome so many stereotypes and jumped through the hoops life has given her. We talk about life in Iran, how she got onto Keto, how veganism went for her, and what it’s like to be an immigrant in the US. We discuss different workout regimens she has tried and talk about how important it is to gain perspective on your life. Enjoy!


Seth Barner on everything to do with disorderly eating!

Seth is a client and friend of mine and on today’s podcast, we really get into his experience with disordered eating. We talk about losing yourself in food, losing weight and gaining weight, cutting out processed foods, knowing you shouldn’t but feeling you NEED to eat certain things, and so much more. We talk about how keto and coaching has changed his life for the better, and how he has overcome the struggles he has faced. Enjoy!


Kiran Malik on his findings with truly educated macro manipulation!

Kiran and I talk about how to manipulate your macros and successfully experiment with different types of diets and macro percentages to find what works best for you. We talk about high protein diets and find that he actually had a pretty different response to it than you'd usually see. We dive into how he felt when he brought back carbs, and we also discuss his view on alcohol from a metabolic standpoint. Enjoy this podcast with the incredibly intelligent, Kiran Malik!



Doctor Tro on why you should focus on WHY you eat, not WHAT you eat!

Doctor Tro and I talk about all kinds of things like whether or not you should count calories, high protein vs. high fat, and what he calls “beating the gene.” We talk about why it is important to focus on why you are eating, not just what you are eating, and a bit about restriction vs entitlement. Enjoy!



Dj Webb on having Covid-19, and stepping away from the Keto Diet!

DJ is a long time friend and during this laid back podcast, we talk about how life has changed for him since the beginning of 2020. We talk about his experience with the virus, his training, his family, and his change in diet. We also talk a bit about tracking appropriately and how to do a reverse diet correctly! Enjoy!


Sarah Kleiner on everything that comes with being a Carnivore Yogi!

Sarah and I  could not agree more on everything to do with the carnivore diet, the keto diet, and carb addiction. We talk about a handful of things like metabolic flexibility, yoga, true health, being who your family needs, being a mom, and having an autistic family member. We talk about addiction, and how changing your diet really can help with this. Truly enjoyed the conversation, I hope you do too!

Her Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCd1xxofTziySu0F9oG7G67g

Alexis’ Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0DVJ7to0NNigdvpeN7bvLA

Nsima Inyang on everything to do with Jui jitsu!

Nsima and I talk a lot about what got him into fitness, the different areas of training he has tried, and what lead him to his current passion: Jiu-Jitsu. I have been pretty interested in getting started in this sport myself so we dive deep into what it takes to master it! We go over breathing techniques, endurance, and whether or not you really can “fake it ’till you make it.” Enjoy!


Brandon Scott on carb experimentation after being Carnivore for 2 years!

Brandon Scott and I talk about a few things including hunting, learning what works for you, running, and experimenting with carbs after being Carnivore! We dive into the trials he went through with changes in his diet, and what it taught him. We also talk about how it's ok to learn what your body truly wants and needs! Enjoy!


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