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Trevor White on minimalism, millennials, work ethic, and the daily grind!

Trevor White


Trevor White and I get fired up in this episode talking about all things to do with a person's mindset, work ethic, and entitlement. We even get into how we would go about raising kids and even touch on the world's view of millennials. Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

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Dr. Stephen Hussey on Evolution, maintaining health, and how we dictate what is “normal!”


Dr. Stephen Hussey is a repeat guest here on the Keto Savage Podcast, with his last episode focusing on all things about the heart. To this day that was my MOST popular podcast because of the high-quality information in it and this one here is nothing short of that. We discuss his 4 principles of evolution, and why he feels looking back through evolution can teach us so much. We talk about what and why things are considered "normal" and how far from normal they may be. We talk about technology, maintaining health, and where we all might be headed. Enjoy!

Joe & Shane from Certified Piedmontese on what sets their high-quality meat apart from all the rest!


On today's podcast, I had the opportunity to speak with two guests, Joe Finegan and Shane Peed from Certified Piedmontese. Having recently received some of their meat, I had to get ahold of them to learn more! They go into detail on why they believe their meat is a step above all the rest, as well as their beef production cycle and even some information on their rare cattle breed. Enjoy!

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Goody Beats on being present with your family, bodybuilding and some BIG NEWS!


Goody and I talk about how important family is, and how having children changed his life. We go over some personal struggles he has gone through and since overcome, as well as his bodybuilding journey. We talk about The Keto Cut, and competing, and he also shares some BIG NEWS! Enjoy!

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Cassie Wild on her experience and approach to the Carnivore diet!


Cassie and I dig into the Carnivore diet and how she got started. She goes over how she trains, what she eats, and whether or not she feels it’s necessary to incorporate organ meats. We talk about the difference between grain-fed and grass-fed and which we personally prefer. We also get into how carnivore changed her body in relation to her hormones and her mental clarity. Enjoy!Her Instagram:

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Lily Nichols on how to carry out the healthiest pregnancy while Keto!

Lily Nichols


Lily and I dive deep into what it means to be pregnant while eating Keto. We go over the advantages and disadvantages of different diets while pregnant, and what ends up being the most important nutrients to make sure you're taking in during those 9 months. We talk about how the nutritional information we have may be outdated, and what different studies have brought to light. Listen and enjoy!

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PJ Black on the “Stuntman’s Ballet” and all things to do with a healthy mind!

PJ Black


PJ Black and I talk about everything to do with having a healthy mind. We really dive into meditation, as well as supplements and how what you put into your body can really affect what happens in your head. We talk about how he got into wrestling, and what different strategies/diets/remedies have done for his body and mind over time. We dive into what it means to really be present, and how much your mindset matters on the day to day. Enjoy!

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Matt Gagnon on what it means to truly have a Healthy Mind and what it takes to get there!


Matt and I completely engulf ourselves in a deep conversation about what it means to have a healthy mind, and how much your quality of life depends on it. We talk about how he found himself through athletics, only to burn out by the age of 30. We talk about what you CAN control vs what you can’t, and what it means to him to “protect his supply lines.” A lot of good information here folks… enjoy!

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Leah Williamson on ALL things Nutrition and Digestion!


Leah and I talk about ALL things nutrition and digestion, for adults as well as children. We go over paleo, keto, veganism, and the best way to incorporate plants into your diet. We discuss the importance of choosing whole foods rather than processed, and what a difference it can make in your body. She gives us a few tips on how to keep our kids healthy, and offers some great alternatives to popular children's snacks. Have a listen and enjoy!

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Joe Red Pill Vegan on the transition from Keto to Veganism and what it did for him!


Joe and I traverse into the depths of the recent argument between meat eaters and vegans. We talk about how it doesn’t always have to be a fight, and how you don’t need to entirely be one side or the other. We talk about different ideals towards hunting and meat eating, as well as how he himself transitioned from the Keto Diet to living plant based. Enjoy!

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Tyler Cartwright on all things Keto over the past decade, and using information and science to help people!


Tyler and I go over all things Keto as far as macros, nutrients, controversial topics, and using your knowledge to help people. We answer questions like whether or not calories truly matter, as well as how important ketone levels are. We end the show by talking about how there is far too much hate circulating in the community, and how we all need to focus on our common goal: to help people. Have a listen and enjoy!

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Meg Doll on all things Eating Disorders and creating a healthy relationship with food!


Meg and I dive deep into the trenches of eating disorders and her personal journey through them. We talk about the control food can have on you, as well as how hard it is to break away from the unhealthy mindset it can give you. We go over finding a connection in your community, and how having the right support system is crucial in healing. Enjoy!

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Vanessa Spina on her experience with Ketogenic Nutrition, Community, and History!


Vanessa and I are one and the same with our ideals and feelings about the Keto diet. We find that we have a ton in common when it comes to our experiences with Keto and the community, as well as how we feel about the nutritional side of things. We dive into what keto does for your body at a cellular level, and really get into proteins in the body. We talk about the keto community, what got her started, how keto has changed over the past 5 years, and what keto has done for her! Listen and enjoy!

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Jimmy and Rosemarie on finding your passion and using it to empower yourself and others!


Jimmy and Rosemarie take the time to talk to me about their past, and what got them to where they are today. We discuss the "Faith" behind Faith 4 Keto Kitchen, and everything that goes into their business. We got into all things Keto diet and what is behind the Keto Community, and what it means to them to be a part of it. They talk about sharing their passion with the world and why they do what they do. Enjoy!

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My Guest Speech at the University of Central Arkansas!

I got the chance to guest speak at the University of Central Arkansas with some of their business students. I go over my personal journey through business, how I started my own, what NOT to do, and what’s worked best for me. I give some advice, answer some questions, and do my best to share all the information I have learned along the way. Listen and enjoy!

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Stephen Hussey on the Science and Biology of the Heart!

Stephen Hussey


Stephen and I dive extremely deep into the biology and science of the human heart. We talk specifically about your heart on Keto, and why the heart prefers ketones. We go over what got him interested in the heart, as well as all that he has learned so far. We also discuss insulin, diabetes, and free radicals and what to do to help with it all. Grab a notepad, you’ll need it!

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Stephanie Foster on being in tune with your body through nutrition, sleep, supplements, mobility, and training!


Stephanie and I dive into how being in tune with your body through all the important avenues including sleep, nutrition, training, and supplements can optimize your health. We also talk about regulating the female cycle, making your own bone broth, meditation, self-specific supplements/vitamins, and mobility training. We discuss how important it is to establish a routine and how much better you’ll feel if you do! Enjoy!

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Adam Greenfield on owning a start-up company, nootropics, and cognitive enhancement!


Adam and I dive into how he got started with nootropics, and what led him to build his own business. We discuss all that goes into owning your own company, the importance of a healthy routine, and the endless possibilities with cognitive enhancement. Enjoy!

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Brian Sanders on false information, carb addiction, and his documentary: Game Changers DEBUNKED!

Brian Sanders


Brian Sanders and I really dig into the controversy between Vegans and Carnivores that has stemmed from the recent Game Changers film. We discuss the reality of false information, carb addiction and what led him to produce his film: Game Changers DEBUNKED. We talk about the science behind eating a meat-based diet vs a plant-based diet, the misunderstanding of each, and how important it is to look at both sides. Enjoy!

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Bo Bennett on Vegans vs Carnivores and the importance of keeping an open mind!

Bo Bennett


Doctor Bo Bennett and I traverse through the depths of the hot topic: vegans vs carnivores. We go over them in detail and he shares his perspective on the science behind both ways of life. We discuss the cognitive complexity of animals, nutrition, and how important it is to keep an open mind on both sides. Enjoy!

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Chris Bell on how to optimize your body and mind for Business, Keto and Life!

Chris Bell


Chris Bell and I dive into his documentaries, and how to utilize your platform for business the RIGHT way. We go over all things carnivore among other diet manipulations, as well as what Keto has done for him for the better part of the past 20 years. Enjoy!

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Gary Mullins on living on sugar to becoming a Ketogenic Bodybuilder!

Gary Mullins


Gary Mullins and I talk through how much his life has changed with the Keto Diet, coming from someone who lived off of sugar to becoming a Ketogenic Bodybuilder and competing! We also talk about how he cured his chronic back pain that he dealt with for years by switching to Keto, and dive deep into the difference between a competition prep on carbs vs strict Keto, and how his body responded to both. Enjoy!

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Max Mentzer on all things Keto Cookin’!


Max and I talk about all things Keto and cooking! We talk about his diabetes and how Keto helped him become a chef which allowed him to manipulate his food to keep him healthy. We did however mainly talk about food… so get ready to be hungry! Enjoy!

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Tanya Pennington on sustainable cutting and obstacle course races!


Tanya Pennington and I talk about how she found her passion as a nutritional therapist, how much more control you have when you cut out the carbs, and the healthiest way to get through a competition prep. We also dive into all things Spartan Races and how Keto has upgraded her protocol for her clients. Enjoy!

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Brandon Clark on WINNING the first ever Ketogenic Bodybuilding competition!


Brandon Clark and I dive deep into how he utilized the Keto Brick for the full 20 weeks of prep, the challenges he faced in the final weeks using the DSK, the experience of winning his first bodybuilding competition and his plans moving forward!

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NAKA Presentation On Ketogenic Bodybuilding!


This past weekend was the NAKA Ketogenic bodybuilding competition.  I presented on how to properly go through a competition prep while leveraging the Keto diet.  I dove into the phases associated with cutting, how to reverse diet, and how to transition into a building phase.  I hope you enjoy!

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Brandon Clark on prepping for his first Ketogenic Bodybuilding competition!


Brandon and I go over how he used the Deeper State Keto Protocol to prep for his first competition while working out solely with resistance bands and body weight exercises at home. We talk about how the process has been for him thus far, how he is currently feeling, and what it's been like to do this while having a wife and 5 kids!

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Scott Myslinski on All Things Carnivore!

Scott Myslinski


Scott Myslinski and I talk about all things Carnivore. We go over his transition from Keto to Carnivore and what that looked like for him, as well as how his body reacted. We talk about grass-fed vs grain-fed beef and go over the best way to cook a steak. Enjoy!

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Carlos Spells on losing 130lbs with Keto, and creating Diversity in the Keto Space!

Carlos Spells


Carlos and I go over all things to do with intermittent fasting, as well as how it has helped him lose over 130 pounds on Keto. We talk about his love for obstacle courses, the benefits of OMAD and how important it is to bring diversity to the Keto Space! Enjoy!

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Ken Berry on All things pregnancy, birthing, and nursing!

Ken Berry


Ken and I dive deep into all things pregnancy, birthing, and nursing. We flush out the risks associated with gestational diabetes and conventional hospital births. We also cover proper nutrition for mothers and how to have a truly healthy baby! Enjoy!

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Nissa Graun on her 20 year diet journey, digestion, and her success with Keto!

Nissa Graun

Nissa Graun Shownotes:

Nissa Graun and I dive deep into digestion, how she's lost 100lbs on Keto, and how important it is to eat the right amount of calories while trying to lose weight. She goes through her personal journey of 20 years of unhealthy habits, and how she's turned things around for the better. Enjoy!

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Roy & Sandra Ross on weight-loss, metabolism, and transformation!

Roy & Sandra Ross


On my first ever podcast with a couple, Roy, Sandra and I talk about weight-loss, repairing a broken metabolism, and transformations! We discuss how it's easy to have a skewed perception of what enough food looks like, and how important it is to focus on one goal at a time! Enjoy!

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Chris Irvin on his new book, and some controversial keto questions!

Chris Irvin


Repeat guest Chris Irvin introduces his new book. We dive into some of the controversial topics in the Keto space including protein, exogenous ketones and carnivorous diets. Hope you enjoy!

Chris' Book: "Keto Answers"

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Kyron Screaigh on Self-Experimentation and Keto Optimization

Kyron Screaigh

Kyron Screigh Shownotes:

Kyron Screaigh and I dive deep into his various self-experiments. We talk about his incredibly high cholesterol of 600+ and discuss the benefits of keeping your nutrition and training simple while optimizing your daily routines. Enjoy!

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Ali Miller on her Anti-Anxiety Cookbook and all things Hormonal!

Ali Miller

Ali Miller Shownotes: 

Ali Miller and I discuss her new anti-anxiety cookbook, and how it can be used as a practical toolkit. We also dive deep into hormones, veggies, fermented foods, gut health, cannabinoids and much more! Hope you enjoy!

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Yemeni Mesa on his history with Fitness and how the Keto Diet turned him into a Business Owner

Yemeni Mesa

Yemeni Mesa Shownotes: 

Yemeni and I talk shop and dive into what got him into fitness as well as what it means to him, along with his history with competitive bodybuilding. We talk about what the Ketogenic diet did for him and how he got started on the lifestyle, and how it took him from working for companies like QUEST to owning his own business. We also discuss nutrition labels and the specifics of Allulose as a sweetener.

Yemeni Mesa's Business "Heka Good Foods" :

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T.C. Hale On Understanding Digestion and Battling Psychological Issues



T.C. Hale and I discuss his journey through 8 years with no voice and how he dealt with depression and other psychological issues that came along with it. We dive into how important it is to understand digestion as well as your anabolic/catabolic cycle.

T.C. Hale's Website/Podcast:

T.C. Hale's Instagram:



Jennilyn Griffiths on FitCon and Keto within the Keto Community

Jennilyn Griffiths Show Notes:

Jennilyn Griffiths and I dig into all things FitCon, as well as Keto in the fitness community. We talk about where she came from, and the benefits of the Keto diet vs. a typical bodybuilding diet. We also discuss the acceptance of Keto from the masses as well as chemicals such as dopamine.

Jennilyn's Instagram:

FitCon Instagram:

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David Webb on beating body dysmorphia, eating disorders and negative self-image!

David Webb

David Webb Podcast Show Notes:

David Webb and I dive deep into his journey through body dysmorphia while also battling eating disorders. We discuss the liberation of no longer letting food control you, and the negative impact the life of a bodybuilder can have on your self image. We also talk about understanding the importance of finding sustainability. Have a listen and enjoy!

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Heather Cooan on beating Cancer with Keto!

Heather Cooan


Heather Cooan was born with a dairy allergy but didn't find out until she was 30. She developed Hashimoto's and other autoimmune conditions. She also suffered from Lichen Sclerosis which developed into vulver cancer. We dive into how she has used the Ketogenic Diet, hyperbaric oxygen chambers and stress reduction to heal herself. Hope you enjoy!


Check out Heather's Website:

Read her story and learn her treatment protocol:

Learn how to make her fat-bomb ice cream:

The naturopathic oncologist database Heather mentioned during the show:


Barton Scott on all things electrolytes and hair mineral testing!

Barton Scott


Barton Scott from Upgraded Formulas dives deep into all things electrolytes. We analyze a hair sample of mine that breaks down all of the mineral/element deficiencies I have. He also gives actionable steps on how to improve your mineral balance!


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electrolyte panel
electrolyte panel 2

Brandon Scott on losing 125 lbs, carnivore, and hunting!

Brandon Scott


Brandon Scott has had an amazing transformation with Keto. He's lost over 125 lbs and has been able to keep it off. He's transitioned into a carnivore approach so we dive into that. We also have a shared passion for hunting and we are both gearing up for the coming season!


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