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Zack Bitter on keto and ultra endurance marathons!

Zack Bitter Podcast

Zack Bitter Podcast Show Notes: 

In this episode, I speak with Zack Bitter and we dive into how he has leveraged the Ketogenic diet to take his ultra endurance running to the next level.  We talk about how Zack got into running 100+ miles.  We discuss some of the training techniques Zack uses to peak for a race.  Zack reveals his take on metabolic flexibility and how to capitalize on it.  We dive into optimizing your running form and technique and how to reach new milestones! 


Check out Zack's Website: https://zachbitter.com/

Follow Zack on Insta: https://www.instagram.com/zachbitter/

Listen to my other podcasts: http://ketosavage.com/podcasts/

Ron “Big Black” Garrett is using the ketogenic diet as a way to pay it forward!

Ron "Big Black" Garrett

Ron "Big Black" Garrett Podcast Show Notes: 

In this episode, I have the pleasure of speaking with Ron "Big Black" Garrett.  Ron grew up following traditional bodybuilding and nutritional dogma.  He trained hard and saw results but found himself suffering from joint pain and pre-diabetes.  He has since discovered the ketogenic diet and it has proven to be the fountain of youth for him.  He has taken what he's learned about the diet to help and improve the lives of others.  At his work, in his church, and within the inner cities, Ron is using the ketogenic diet as a means to pay it forward!


Follow Ron on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ronbigblackgarrett/

Check out Ron on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BigBlackChristian

Listen to my other podcasts: http://ketosavage.com/podcasts/

Dr. John Limansky on next-level optimization and the paradigm shift!

Dr. John Limansky

Dr. John Limansky Podcast Show Notes: 

In this episode, I speak with Dr. John Limansky for the second time.  We discuss next-level optimization as it relates to the ketogenic diet and lifestyle.  We dive into macro ratios, protein, hormones, genetics, and everything in between.  We also dive into the shift in thinking that needs to take place for our health to improve on a grand scale.  We asked ourselves, what needs to happen to improve our health as a society?  I absolutely loved this conversation!  We went way beyond the surface level questions. 


Check out Dr. Limansky's website: https://johnlimanskymd.com/

Follow Dr. Limansky on insta: https://www.instagram.com/johnlimanskymd/

Tweet Dr. Limansky on twitter: https://twitter.com/johnlimanskymd

Listen to my other podcasts: http://ketosavage.com/podcasts/

Crystal Love on first competition experience as a keto athlete!

Crystal Love

Crystal Love Podcast Show Notes: 

In this episode, I talk with repeat guest, Crystal Love.  This is a special episode and I'm really excited to share it with you.  Crystal has just competed and won, her first figure competition.  She did it all while following the Ketogenic diet and lifestyle.  We dive into her experience of the whole journey, the good, the bad, and the ugly.  We talk about her offseason, the 22 weeks of competition prep, the peak week, and the show day.  We even talk about the post show journey and Crystal opens up for the first time about how she is struggling with food and maintaining control of her eating after the show.  This was a great conversation and a must listen if you've ever considered doing a show yourself!


Follow Crystal on Insta: https://www.instagram.com/crystallovefit.fka/

Watch her prep on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdiZiY8EefTVQ-pc6PSQ1Ew

Crystal's website: http://femaleketogenicathlete.com/

Listen to my other podcasts: http://ketosavage.com/podcasts/

Thom King on food science and improving keto ingredients!

Thom King Podcast

Thom King Podcast Show Notes:

In this episode, I talk with Thom King founder of Steviva Foods Inc.  We dive into the food science behind different forms of sweeteners and how to clean them up.  We talk about the pros and cons of artificial sweeteners and natural sweeteners.  We talk about the new product that will be making waves in the sweetener market...allulose!  We also dive into micronutrients, gut microbiome, and how to make your own yogurt.  It was a great conversation and I learned a ton about the chemistry on the products we use for the Ketogenic diet.


Check out Thom's website: http://thomking.com/

Check out Steviva Foods: https://www.steviva.com/

Follow Thom in Insta: https://www.instagram.com/thomkingpdx/

Tweet Thom on Twitter: https://twitter.com/thomking

Listen to my other podcasts: http://ketosavage.com/podcasts/

Brian Roberts on taking initiative and changing your life!

Brian Roberts

Brian Roberts Podcast Show Notes: 

In this episode, I talk with Brian Roberts on how he turned his life around.  I really enjoyed this podcast because it is so relatable.  Brian has gone through a ton of highs and lows in life, we all have.  He lost the opportunity to follow his dream career path, he went through a divorce, he got depressed and feel into emotional eating.  These are things that a lot of you deal with on a daily basis.  Brian wanted to improve his life so he took initiative to do just that.  Now, he is putting himself out there to help others do the same!


Check out Brian's website: https://www.betruebereal.com/

Watch Brian's YouTube video's: ​YouTube

Listen to my other podcasts: http://ketosavage.com/podcasts/

Amber O’Hearn and 9 years of experience with carnivore!

Amber O'Hearn

Amber O'Hearn Podcast Show Notes: 

In this episode, I talk with Amber O'Hearn and we dive deep into the world of carnivore!  Amber has been carnivorous for the past 9 years and she has learned a ton in that time!  We cover the evolutionary history behind consuming only meats.  We compare plants to meats from a micronutrient perspective.  We talk about the benefits of plants...or lack of.  We discuss the use of dairy on a carnivorous diet.  We talk about digestion, fat ratios, intestinal permeability, grass-fed vs grain-fed, and so much more!!



Amber's keto website: http://www.ketotic.org/

Amber's personal/carnivore website: http://www.empiri.ca/

Follow Amber on Twitter: https://twitter.com/KetoCarnivore?lang=en

Listen to my other podcasts: http://ketosavage.com/podcasts/

Siim Land on hacking human performance!

Siim Land

Siim Land Podcast Show Notes:

n this episode, I dive into how to hack human performance with Siim Land.  Siim is a 23 year old biohacker who has been fascinated by optimizing his performance since a very young age.  We discuss the Wim Hof method and controlled breathing techniques, coping with stress, intermittent fasting, phases of fat adaptation, red light therapy, and much more! 


Check out Siim's website: http://siimland.com/

Listen to Siim's podcast: http://siimland.com/body-mind-empowerment-podcast-with-siim-land/

Follow Siim on Insta: https://www.instagram.com/siimland/

Listen to my other podcasts: http://ketosavage.com/podcasts/

Steven Lopez, IFBB pro KETO competitor!

Steven Lopez

Steven Lopez Podcast Show Notes: 

In this episode, I talk with IFBB pro physique competitor, Steven Lopez.  We dive into Steven's history with the sport and his journey to pro-status.  We talk about how he implemented the ketogenic diet in his last contest prep to help him earn his pro card.  We discuss the issue of poor coaching within the fitness industry.  We cover the technique behind a targeted ketogenic approach.  And of course, we talk about the mindset of a competitor! There aren't too many keto bodybuilders out there so it was great to get Steven on the show and pick his brain!


Steven's website: http://www.stevenlopezfitness.com/home.html

Check out Steven's Insta: https://www.instagram.com/stevenlopezcg/

Listen to my other podcasts: http://ketosavage.com/podcasts/

John Roth and his experience with Type 1 Diabetes!

John Roth

John Roth Podcast Show Note:

In this episode, I talk with John Roth and we dive into how his life has changed as a result of late-onset type 1 diabetes.  As a diabetic, he can no longer hold the medical clearance necessary to fly as a commercial airline pilot.  He has had to adjust his diet and his lifestyle to correct course.  We talk about the difference between type 1 and type 2 diabetes.  We dive into the effect carbs and insulin have on the body.  Of course, we dive into the mindset and the importance of adding more value to this world than you take!


Follow John on Twitter: ​Twitter​​​

Diabetic Muscle and Fitness Website: ​https://diabeticmuscleandfitness.com/​​​

Dr. Bernstein's book: Diabetes Solution  

Audio version of Diabetes Solution: ​Audible​​​

Listen to my other podcasts: ​http://ketosavage.com/podcasts/​​​

Corey Modrowski and all about the GoRuck Challenge!

Corey Modrowski

Corey Modrowski Podcast Show Notes:

In this episode, I talk with Corey Modrowski and we dive deep into the sport of GoRuck.  First, we talk about what got Corey into the ketogenic diet and how it has improved his health.  Then we dive into what he is now doing with his improved health, rucking!  We talk about the GoRuck challenge, how it started, what it is, and how to do it.  We dive into the proper gear for rucking.  We talk about the stoic and leadership aspects of rucking and how to take it to the next level.  I had a ton of fun with this one.  Now, I just got to sign up for a GoRuck challenge! 


Go Rucking! https://www.goruck.com/

Eating Evolved: https://eatingevolved.com/

All Day Ruckoff Podcast: https://alldayruckoff.com/podcasts/

Listen to my other podcasts: http://ketosavage.com/podcasts/

Daniel Wiseman on questioning the dietary dogma!


Daniel Wiseman Podcast Show Notes:

In this episode, I talk with Daniel Wiseman and we question the dietary dogma.  Much of Daniel's success has come from being open minded towards health and nutrition and experimenting with things outside the box.  This podcast encompasses a few of the lesson's he has learned thus far.  We talk about training and nutrition programs that he has found effective.  We dive into the controversy surrounding the vegan diet.  We talk about sustainable farming and ranching techniques.  We even dive into how to cook the perfect steak and enjoy the ideal whiskey!


Follow Daniel on Twitter: https://twitter.com/SteakAndIron?lang=en

Read The Vegetarian Myth: Food, Justice, and Sustainability: ​Book

Listen to my other podcasts: http://ketosavage.com/podcasts/

Leanne Vogel on her journey to true health!

Leanne Vogel

Leanne Vogel Podcast Show Notes: 

In this episode, I talk with Leanne Vogel, founder of Healthful Pursuit.  We go through Leanne's journey to finding her true health and all the lessons learned along the way.  We talk about her transition from Vegan to Keto.  We dive into her obsessive relationship with food and her struggles with eating disorders.  We discuss her take on keto for women and how hormones come into the picture.  We talk about incorporating carbs with the keto diet.  We even dive into Leanne's current lifestyle which includes living and working from an RV! 


Leanne's Website: https://www.healthfulpursuit.com/

Leanne's Podcast: https://www.healthfulpursuit.com/podcast/

The Happy Keto Body program: https://www.healthfulpursuit.com/shop/product/hkb/

Explore and Work in an RV: https://explorking.com/

Listen to my other podcasts: http://ketosavage.com/podcasts/

Mike (Keto Diesel) and his 22+ years of experience with keto!

Michael Trinchitella

Mike (Keto Diesel) Podcast Show Notes:

In this episode, I talked with Mike (Keto Diesel) who has been following a ketogenic lifestyle for over 22 years.  With that much time and experience surrounding the diet, Mike is a gold mine when it comes to dieting tips and tricks.  We dove into keto and fasting.  We talked about how to implement a protein sparing modified fast (PSMF).  We talked about pre and post training nutrition.  We covered cheat days with keto and carb ups vs strict keto.  We talked about Mikes emotional relationship with food and binge eating.  We even covered how he reinvented himself in his health and fitness journey after going through a depression.  Mike was an awesome guest with a wealth of knowledge!


Mike's Keto Intermittent Fasting Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/KetoIF/

Mike's PSMF Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ProteinSparingModifiedFast/

Mike's Keto Carnivore Intermittent Fasting Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/KetoCarnivoreIF/

Check out Mike's Insta: https://www.instagram.com/keto_diesel/

Listen to my other podcasts: http://ketosavage.com/podcasts/

Dr. Bret Scher on making the ketogenic diet a staple in the medical industry!

Dr. Bret Scher

Dr. Bret Scher Podcast Show Notes:

In this episode, I talk with Dr. Bret Scher, one of the leading cardiologists within the keto/low carb community.  We dive into the weeds about current medical protocols and why drugs are given greater significance over nutrition.  We tackle some of the controversies that surround the ketogenic diet as it relates to health.  Dr. Scher goes into the details about various health markers and blood work.   We dive into mTOR and discuss the manipulation of cell growth.  We talk about the benefits of resistance training and HIIT, compare keto and low carb, and so much more!  This was a great chat, I have tons of respect for Dr. Scher, definitely check it out! 


Check out Dr. Scher's website: http://drbretscher.com/

Read Dr. Scher's book: ​Your Best Health Ever!

Listen to my other podcasts: http://ketosavage.com/podcasts/

Jimmy Moore on the keto diet revolution!!

Jimmy Moore Podcast

Jimmy Moore Podcast Show Notes:

In this episode, I talk with the one and only Jimmy Moore! Jimmy was my first introduction to keto over three years ago so it was super cool to get him on the podcast and pick his brain. We talked about his keto journey and how the diet has helped him turn his health around. We dove into fasting and how to incorporate it correctly. We discussed what a true ketogenic diet is and how to find your protein, carbohydrate, and fat thresholds to optimize your own health. We talked about mindset and how to deal with the negativity that is everywhere online. It was an honor to have Jimmy on!


Check out Jimmy's website: ​http://www.livinlavidalowcarb.com/​​​

Follow Jimmy on Insta: https://www.instagram.com/livinlowcarbman/

Listen to Jimmy's podcast: http://www.thelivinlowcarbshow.com/shownotes/

Listen to my other podcasts: http://ketosavage.com/podcasts/

Rob Dionne of Open Sky Fitness

Rob Dionne

Rob Dionne Podcast Show Notes:

In this episode, I talk with Rob Dionne of Open Sky Fitness.  We dive into his decision to turn his life around and get healthy after a pivotal moment.  We talk about optimizing your daily routine.  We discuss different parenting styles and how to have a great relationship with your kids.  We dive into the mindset of self-improvement and finding balance.  I had a blast talking with Rob, he is a super down to earth guy and gives great life advice!


Check out Rob's website: http://openskyfitness.com/

Listen to Rob's Podcast: http://openskyfitness.com/podcast-episode/

Do the Sky Fit Challenge: https://openskyfitness.lpages.co/sky-fit-challenge-landing-page/

Listen to my other podcasts: http://ketosavage.com/podcasts/

Josh Sutelman on training techniques and optimizing your program!

Josh Sutelman

Josh Sutelman Podcast Show Notes: 

In this episode, I talk with Josh Sutelman and we get into the details of training.  We talk about different lifting techniques and how to position yourself correctly.  We talk about bodybuilding, powerlifting, hypertrophy, and strength gain.  We dive into different tools and gear used in training.  We compare some of the common programming templates out there currently and talk about a rotational split to optimize for strength, explosiveness, and size.  Of course, we talk about some mindset aspects as well!


Follow Josh on Insta: ​https://www.instagram.com/sutelman/​​​

Listen to my other podcasts: ​http://ketosavage.com/podcasts/​​​

Miles Russell on weight loss and transforming with keto!

Miles Russell

Miles Russell Podcast Show Notes:

In this episode, I talk with Miles Russell on the topic of extreme weight loss and transforming with keto.  We dove into the mindset and lifestyle choices that cause weight gain and the changes that you go through mentally and physically when you lose that weight.  We talked about having loose skin as a result of that transformation and the outlook around it.  We talked about auditing your friends and family to set yourself up for success.  One of the things we dove into I still struggle with today, the mentality around building muscle after losing a ton of weight and how to be ok with consuming more calories after such a transformation.


Follow Miles on Insta: https://www.instagram.com/telechronn/

Listen to my other podcasts: http://ketosavage.com/podcasts/

Sahil Makhija of Headbanger’s Kitchen on keto and heavy metal!

Sahil Makhija

Sahil Makhija Podcast Show Notes: 

In this episode, I talk shop with Sahil Makhija, the man behind Headbanger's Kitchen.  Sahil is a master keto chef and heavy metal extraordinaire.  We talked about being unique and the importance of finding your own style.  We learned about why he started Headbanger's kitchen and what got him into keto.  Sahil talks about how he got into the YouTube game and what his workflow is like.  And of course, we dove into how to make tasty keto recipes that keep you on track and delight your tastebuds!


Check out Headbanger's Kitchen: https://headbangerskitchen.com/

Make pork fried rice: https://headbangerskitchen.com/recipe/pork-keto-fried-rice/

Subscribe to Headbanger's Kitchen on YouTube: http://youtube.com/HeadbangersKitchen

Jam out to Sahil's music: https://open.spotify.com/search/results/THIS%20BURDEN%20IS%20MINE

Listen to my other podcasts: http://ketosavage.com/podcasts/

Ben Phelps of Primal Bro on building from the ground up!

Ben Phelps

Ben Phelps Podcast Show Notes: 

In this episode, I talk with Ben Phelps, founder of Primal Bro.  Ben has lost over 150 lbs using different dieting methods over the years.  We dove into the mindset that comes with extreme weightless and some of the emotional hardships involved in that transformation.  We talk about Jiu-Jitsu and all the positive benefits it provides.  We dive into bootstrapping a business and building a brand from the ground up.  We talk about simply being a good person and doing what is right for the community as a whole.  Loved this episode!  It definitely was invigorating to hear the story of someone with similar beginnings to myself! 


Check out the Primal Bro website: https://www.primalbro.com/

Subscribe to the Primal Bro YouTube: ​YouTube

Follow Primal Bro on Insta: https://www.instagram.com/primalbro/

Listen to my other podcasts: http://ketosavage.com/podcasts/

Fahad Ahmad, founder of Keto Geek, on keto and life!

Fahad Ahmad podcast

Fahad Ahmad Podcast Show Notes:

In this episode, I talked with Fahad Ahmad, the founder of Keto Geek!  We dove into addictions and ways to recognize them when they arise.  We covered some mindset principals as it relates to going through hardship and rebuilding yourself.  We really got into the nuts and bolts of building a successful food business.  We compared vegan diets to the ketogenic diet.  The main overarching theme here was learning to live with an open mind.  If you can do that, you can learn anything!


Check out Keto Geek: https://ketogeek.com/

Listen to the Keto Geek podcast: https://ketogeek.com/pages/podcast

Watch Keto Geek on YouTube: ​YouTube

Follow Keto Geek on Insta: https://www.instagram.com/keto_geek/?hl=en

Listen to my other podcasts: http://ketosavage.com/podcasts/

Michael Griffith on physical therapy and 3D training!

Michael Griffith


In this episode, I talk with Michael Griffith, physical therapist and certified strength and conditioning specialist.  If you are interested in how your body’s mechanics actually work, this episode is for you!  We dove into different agility movements to prevent injury.  We talked about how to alleviate pain in the joints.  Michael is a type 1 diabetic so we talked about how that has effected his ketogenic lifestyle.  We really dove into the details on how to properly train your abs baed off of the three planes of motion. This was a great discussion and I learned a ton!


Michael's 3D training system: http://3dperformancesystems.com/

Listen to my other podcasts: http://ketosavage.com/podcasts/

Brian Williamson, founder of Ketovangelist, on life and purpose!

Brian Williamson

Brian Williamson Podcast Show Notes: 

In this episode, I talk with Brian Williamson, the founder of Ketovangelist.  We dive into his motivation behind starting the ketogenic diet in the first place.  We talk about the struggle of building Ketovangelist into a successful business.  We dive into the mindset behind being confident and finding fulfillment in life.  I've got a ton of respect for Brian and it was an absolute pleasure to listen to his story! 


Ketovangelist Website: https://www.ketovangelist.com/

Ketogenic Athlete: https://theketogenicathlete.com/

Ketovangelist Kitchen: http://www.ketovangelistkitchen.com/

Ketovangelist Unlimited: http://ketovangelistunlimited.com/

Ballistic Keto MCT: https://ballisticketo.com/

Check out KetoCon: https://www.ketocon.org/

Ketogenic Success Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ketogenicsuccess/

Check out my other podcasts: http://ketosavage.com/podcasts/

Adam Schaeuble on losing a Million Pounds!!!

Adam Schaeuble Podcast

Adam Schaeuble Podcast Show Notes:

In this episode, Adam Schaeuble tells how he turned his life around by creating his own goals and the accountability anchor points necessary to reach them.  He also goes into the details behind building a successful fitness business to help turn the life of his clients around as well.  Adam is on a mission to create one million pounds of weight loss and I have no doubt he will make it happen!  Oh, and I laughed more recording this episode than any other previously! Adam is one funny dude!


Adam's Website: https://www.transformationcoach.me/

Listen to Adam's Podcast: https://www.transformationcoach.me/blog

Defeat the Cheat Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/DefeatTheCheat/about/

Listen to my other podcasts: http://ketosavage.com/podcasts/

Brandon Carter on hardship and starting keto!

Brandon Carter Podcast

Brandon Carter Podcast Show Notes:

Brandon Carter tore it up in this episode y’all!  We dove into his motivation behind getting in the fitness industry in the first place.  We talked about what health concerns led him to the ketogenic diet.  We hashed up some ideas about building muscle on keto and the best ways to get results.  We also really dove into the mindset aspect of success.  The beauty of hardship and paying it forward!  Brandon and I clicked on just about every topic, I swear he’s my black brother!


Get Brandon's keto hacks: theketohacks.com

Check out Brandon's YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/HighLifeWorkout

Follow Brandon on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kingketo/

Brandon Carter's Website:  http://brandoncarter.com/

Listen to my other podcasts: http://ketosavage.com/podcasts/

Luis Villasenor of Keto Gains talks techniques and keto strategy!

Keto Gains


In this episode, I talk with Luis Villasenor, the founder of Keto Gains.  We talk about his motivation behind starting Keto Gains and some of the techniques he has learned along the way.  Luis has been following a ketogenic diet for over 17 years and has learned to truly optimize his body in the process.  We talk about improving cellular efficiency and how to optimize the macronutrient ratios.  We touch on ketone testing and what supplements are beneficial to include.  We talk about some of the training techniques Luis uses in his power-building protocol.  We cover all kinds of data, techniques, tips, and strategy in this episode! 


Check out the Keto Gains website: https://ketogains.com/

Follow Keto Gains on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ketogains/

Subscribe on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/ketogains/

Check out my other podcasts: http://ketosavage.com/podcasts/

Carrie Brown on turning around bipolar 2 with keto!

carrie brown podcast


In this episode, I talk with Carrie Brown, the keto chef extraordinaire!  We talk about how she went from creating some of the world’s tastiest chocolates and cakes to removing sugar entirely and adopting the ketogenic lifestyle.  We also get pretty personal and dive into how Carrie suffered from bipolar 2.  After years of frustration and depression, she was able to escape the suicidal thoughts and the medications by adopting keto.  Oh, and of course we talk about some tasty keto recipes!  This was a great episode, I learned a ton, and I have a much deeper respect and appreciation for Carrie knowing what all she has gone through! 


Check out the Ketovangelist Kitchen: http://www.ketovangelistkitchen.com/

Make amazing keto ice cream: http://carriebrown.com/keto-ice-cream-scoop-cookbook

Check out Carrie's website: http://carriebrown.com/

Join Ketovangelist Unlimited: http://ketovangelistunlimited.com/

Follow the Ketovangelist Kichen Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ketovangelistkitchen/

Listen to my other podcasts: http://ketosavage.com/podcasts/

Jason Loewy on tracking your macros and knowing your numbers!

Jason Loewy

Jason Loewy Podcast show notes:

In this episode, I talk with Jason Loewy, founder of MyMacros+.  Jason is a successful competitive bodybuilder and powerlifter and is making waves with his macro tracking app.  I've been using MyMacros+ for years so it was a cool experience to be able to connect with Jason.  We dove into the importance of knowing your numbers and being proactive about monitoring your health.  We also dove into the importance if hitting squat depth because the world is full of slackers!


Check out MyMacros+: https://getmymacros.com/

Follow Jason on insta: https://www.instagram.com/jasonloewy/

Listen to my other podcasts: http://ketosavage.com/podcasts/

Dr. Brianna Stubbs on ketone esters!!!

Dr. Brianna Stubbs


In this episode, I talk with Dr. Brianna Stubbs (Olympic gold medalist and ketone expert) on the topic of ketone esters.  We dive into the difference between the esters and ketone salts.  We talk about racemic vs. nonracemic exogenous ketones.  We talk about the possibility of using carbs and ketones as a dual fuel.  We even cover the future of exogenous ketones!  This is a great episode and is all about the science!!!


Follow Dr. Stubbs on Twitter: https://twitter.com/BriannaStubbs

Check out HVMN and their ketone esters: https://hvmn.com/

Listen to my other podcasts: http://ketosavage.com/podcasts/

Gillian Szollos on keto for epilepsy and hormonal pathways!

Gillian Szollos Podcast


In this episode, I speak with Gillian Szollos on using the ketogenic diet for epilepsy and hormonal pathways.  Gillian suffered from extreme seizures prior to implementing the ketogenic diet.  Now, those seizures are a thing of the past.  We also dive into how hormonal and metabolic pathways play a huge role in finding your success with implementing the keto diet.  We talk about the difference between therapeutic and nutritional ketosis and much more!! 


Gillian's Website: https://ketoalldayeveryday.com/

Make a difference with McArdle Disease: https://ketoalldayeveryday.com/keto-community-research

Check out my other podcasts: http://ketosavage.com/podcasts/

Alex Cunningham of Perfect Keto on biz and life!

Alex Cunningham Podcast


In this episode, I talk with Alex Cunningham of Perfect Keto.  We talk about his motivation behind getting involved with a ketogenic supplement company and how Perfect Keto started.  We talk about the importance of using whole food sources as the pillar of your diet.  We dive into some of the different supplements Perfect Keto offers.  We even talk about how to improve your deadlift form!  Hope you enjoy this one! 


Perfect Keto's Website: https://www.perfectketo.com/

Perfect Keto's Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/perfectketocommunity

Alex's Insta: https://www.instagram.com/slamchops1/

CHECK OUT MY OTHER PODCASTS HERE: http://ketosavage.com/podcasts/

Drew Manning of Fit2Fat2Fit on empathy and transformation mentality!

Drew Manning Podcast


In this episode, I speak with Drew Manning, the creator of Fit 2 Fat 2 Fit.  We dive deep into his motivation behind gaining a ton of weight and leaning back down to better understand his clients.  We talk about the story behind how he built his brand.  Drew tells us how he discovered keto and how that has changed his lifestyle.  We also dive into some deep emotions and life advice that has been learned through hardships! This was a great episode and I really hope you enjoy it! 


Check out Drew's Website: http://www.fit2fat2fit.com/

Drew's Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fit2fat2fit/

Check out Drew's ​YouTube

Fit To Fat To Fit TV show:  Show

Drew's new supplement line: https://shop.completewellness.com/

LISTEN TO MY OTHER PODCASTS: ketosavage.com/podcasts

Ben Davis on using keto for PTSD and ultramarathons!

ben davis podcast TN


In this episode, I talk with Ben Davis on how he has used the keto diet to overcome significant adversity.  Ben suffered from multiple injuries and PTSD from his time in deployment with the military.  After returning to civilian life, he got a sedentary job and let his health go, reaching almost 400 lbs.  He was forced into surgery and told he would never run again.  He has since lost over 120 lbs and committed himself to running at least one ultra marathon every single month to help raise awareness.  The keto lifestyle has helped him overcome chronic pain and given him a platform to share his story with other veterans needing hope. 


Arsenal Of Hope: https://www.arsenalofhope.org/

Arsenal Of Hope: Podcast

Check out my other podcasts: PODCASTS

Dr. Brian Lenzkes on using the ketogenic diet for his patients!

Dr. Brian Lenzkes


In this episode, I talk with Dr. Brian Lenzkes on how he is having tremendous success with his patients using the ketogenic diet.  We dive deep into the science behind insulin and cholesterol and how the ketogenic diet impacts these markers from a medical perspective.  We also talk about how to implement a nutrition and lifestyle plan that is best for you as an individual.  Dr. Lenzkes is going against the grain of traditional medicine and he is changing lives in the process!


Dr. Lenzkes Website: www.lowcarbmd.com

Dr. Lenzkes Twitter: https://twitter.com/BrianLenzkes

Low Carb USA Conference: https://www.lowcarbusa.org/

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Ken Canion on transforming your body and mind!

ken canion podcast


In this episode, I talk with Ken Canion on transforming your body and mind.  Ken was a contestant on The Biggest Loser where he initially lost over 100 pounds.  He is a motivational/entrepreneurial speaker and author and has learned to control his mind in order to transform his body.  He has since taken his knowledge and passion for health and fitness and created his own business that focuses on helping others turn their life around as well!


I am resultz: http://www.iamresultz.com/

Ken's Insta: INSTAGRAM

Ken's Website: http://www.kencanion.com/

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Tracee Gluhaich on food sensitivities and keto food hacks!

tracee gluhaich


In this episode, Tracee Gluhaich dives deep into food sensitives and how to keep them from holding you back.  She also goes into detail about elimination and rotation diets.  We talk about training and competition mentality.  We also talk in depth about different food tricks you can incorporate into the keto diet to make it more enjoyable. 


Tracee's Website: https://highenergygirl.com/

Tracee's Podcast: https://highenergygirl.com/podcast/

Tracee's podcast interviewing me: https://highenergygirl.com/robert-sikes-keto-savage/

Pure WOD Preworkout: POWDER

STUR: water enhancer

SweetLeaf: water enhancer

Kite Hill Almond Yogurt: http://www.kite-hill.com/our-food/yogurts/ (only get the unsweetened unflavored one.)

Pili Nuts: Eat Pili Nuts

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Dr. Shawn Baker on eating a 100% carnivorous diet!

Shawn Baker


In this episode, I talk with Dr. Shawn Baker who has been eating a 100% carnivorous diet!  Dr. Baker's performance has improved significantly since the switch in his nutrition and he has set numerous records on the concept2 rower.  We talk about the micronutrient needs that are being satisfied when eating only meat.  We dive into the history of human food consumption.  Dr. Baker tells us how to cook a perfect steak and what new and exciting things he has coming up!


Carnivore Training Systems: ​GET CARNIVORE

Track your carnivore data: https://track-well.com

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Concept2 Rower: http://www.concept2.com/

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Craig Emmerich on refining your ketogenic lifestyle!

craig emmerich podcast


 In this episode, I talk with Craig Emmerich and we cover all kinds of keto topics.  We talk about keto for children, misconceptions about cholesterol and hormones, consuming alcohol on the keto diet, and so much more!  Craig and Maria have a new book coming out tomorrow so I would definitely check that out as well.  It’s called: Keto. 


Craig and Maria's website: ​mariamindbodyhealth.com

Craig's Insta: ​Instagram

Maria's Insta: Instagram

Check out their new book: Keto.

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Rachel Gregory on her keto research study and building a business around her passion!


Rachel Gregory Podcast

Rachel Gregory Podcast Show Notes:

In this episode, Rachel Gregory talks about the results of her 6-week keto research study in CrossFit athletes.  She also dives into some of the details behind building her website and business around her ketogenic interests.  Rachel, along with several others, is making waves in San Diego within the keto community!


Check out her new website: killinitketo.com

Get the 21-Day Challenge: ​Keto Challenge!​​​

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Trent Holbert on optimizing total health!

Trent holbert


In this episode, Trent Holbert dives into optimizing health using a holistic approach.  We talk about his journey overcoming depression.  We dive into different biohacking techniques.  We talk about leveraging certain drugs and herbs.  We also cover spiritual health and so much more!  I really enjoyed recording this episode!


Trent's Website: ​www.trentholbertfitness.com​​​

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Danny Vega and I on our 3-month hypertrophy experiment!

danny vega experiment

Danny Vega and I on our 3-month hypertrophy experiment:

Danny Vega and I discuss the result of our three month hypertrophy experiment in which we set out to discover what macronutrient ratio results in the most muscle gain and the least fat gain.  Our findings were quite interesting!!!  We also talk about what experiments we have coming up next!

Listen to our first podcast together: Keto contest prep and 4,000 calorie experiment

Listen to our second podcast together: 2nd Podcast on eating disorders

Danny's youtube: Fat Fueled Family

Check out Danny's Insta: Ketocounterculture

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Gene Blueprint team on leveraging genetics to optimize performance!

Gene Blueprint podcast

In this episode, I talk with the team over at Gene Blueprint on how to leverage genetics to optimize performance.  Every individual carries certain genes that perform better under certain conditions.  This podcast was all about finding those genes and manipulating your lifestyle decisions to use them to your advantage!

Gene Blueprint Website: https://geneblueprint.com/

How does Gene Blueprint compare to other genetic testing companies?  Find out HERE.

Blog post I found on Gene Blueprint's site explaining the process....

How does GeneBlueprint Work?


  1. Order your test
  2. DNA Analysis
  3. Review of Genetic Data
  4. Wellness Plan Creation
  5. Follow the plan that best suits your DNA

You’ve probably heard about direct to consumer genetic analysis companies and you may be wondering what they’re all about. Can spitting into a tube really be helpful in determining what kind of fitness and nutrition program will work for you?


While general principles of a healthy diet and fitness regime are common to most of the population, we are still unique human beings. Our DNA can determine whether we will be sensitive to certain types of food and it can also determine the types of exercise that will naturally give us the best fitness results.

There are several companies out there that can analyze your DNA for you but one of the things that makes GeneBlueprint stand out from the crowd is how many gene variants it measures – 10 million in fact! With a lifetime subscription, GeneBlueprint gives its customers access to over twenty genetic prediction scores and a personalized diet and fitness plan through its web portal.

So how does GeneBlueprint work? There are four steps.

  1. Order your test

The first step towards your personalized diet and fitness plan is to order your test. It takes less than ten minutes to register online. Then simply, sit back and wait for your test kit to arrive in the mail.

Once your kit arrives in the mail, follow the instructions to provide GeneBlueprint with a sample of your saliva. Send the kit back using the pre-paid envelope that we send you.

  1. DNA Analysis

When your sample arrives at our lab, our trained geneticists will use state of the art technology that can detect and analyze 10 million different genetic variants.

  1. Review of genetic data

Once the analysis is complete, we take the data and use it to determine over 20 different unique traits that will provide insight into the types of food and exercise program that will be most beneficial to your overall health.

  1. Create a wellness plan

The final step in this process is to develop a fitness and nutrition plan based on your unique genetic makeup. This plan will take into account traits such as sensitivity to carbohydrates, alcohol sensitivity, whether your body responds better to high-intensity short workouts or low-intensity longer workout and many other factors.


When it comes to diet and fitness, we are not all created equal. A plan that works for your friend or co-worker is not necessarily the best plan for you. If you are working hard to get fit but find that you aren’t making much progress, it may be that your genes are to blame. A change in regime based on your genetic composition might just have you seeing a big improvement in your progress.

If you would like to work smarter instead of harder and finally get a plan that is tailored to your DNA, then why not take the first step with GeneBlueprint today!

Theresa Dodd on competing at nationals and seizing the day!!

This is the second time I've had Theresa on the show and it get's better every time!  In this episode, we talked about Theresa's experience prepping for nationals, going through hardships, and giving it everything you've got.  There was a lot of passion and emotion in this one ladies and gents. You only have one life, don't be content with sitting on the sidelines.  Make moves to create the life you've dreamed of into reality.  Carpe Diem.  Seize The Day!!! 

Theresa's Insta: INSTAGRAM