Dr. Ted Naiman on the differences between a High-Fat Approach and a High-Protein approach!
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Aaron Orton on natural building, nutritional strategy, banned substances and more!
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Week 20 Competition Prep Update
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Chris Stanton on Nuclear Pharmacology, drugs and the Corona Virus
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Paul Saladino on being a good person, and everything to do with Carnivore!
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Keto Summit Omaha Fitness Panel Presentation
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Tara from Slow Down Farmstead on everything to do with running a regenerative farm!
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Goody Beats on being present with your family, bodybuilding and some BIG NEWS!
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Cassie Wild on her experience and approach to the Carnivore diet!
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Lily Nichols on how to carry out the healthiest pregnancy while Keto!
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Matt Gagnon on what it means to truly have a Healthy Mind and what it takes to get there!
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2020 Manifesto
2020 is here ladies and gents! What are you going to do about it? Every year I record a Manifesto[...]
Joe Red Pill Vegan on the transition from Keto to Veganism and what it did for him!
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Meg Doll on all things Eating Disorders and creating a healthy relationship with food!
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My Guest Speech at the University of Central Arkansas!
I got the chance to guest speak at the University of Central Arkansas with some of their business students. I[...]
Stephen Hussey on the Science and Biology of the Heart!
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Stephanie Foster on being in tune with your body through nutrition, sleep, supplements, mobility, and training!
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What Is Ketosis? An Introductory Mini-Series
There has been a substantial increase in interest regarding the ketogenic (keto) diet in recent years. A portion of this[...]
Adam Greenfield on owning a start-up company, nootropics, and cognitive enhancement!
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Miles Russell on life after weight loss and how to keep your head straight, while focusing on your goals!
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Bo Bennett on Vegans vs Carnivores and the importance of keeping an open mind!
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Chris Bell on how to optimize your body and mind for Business, Keto and Life!
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Gary Mullins on living on sugar to becoming a Ketogenic Bodybuilder!
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Max Mentzer on all things Keto Cookin’!
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Brenda Breland on postpartum depression, anxiety, and how she changed things around with Keto!
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Tanya Pennington on sustainable cutting and obstacle course races!
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Crystal and I and our 200th Podcast Q&A!
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Danny Vega on Ketogenic Muscle Building!
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NAKA Presentation On Ketogenic Bodybuilding!
PRESENTATION SHOWNOTES: This past weekend was the NAKA Ketogenic bodybuilding competition.  I presented on how to properly go through a[...]
Scott Myslinski on All Things Carnivore!
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Ken Berry on All things pregnancy, birthing, and nursing!
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Ali Miller on her Anti-Anxiety Cookbook and all things Hormonal!
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David Webb on beating body dysmorphia, eating disorders and negative self-image!
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Barton Scott on all things electrolytes and hair mineral testing!
BARTON SCOTT PODCAST DESCRIPTION: Barton Scott from Upgraded Formulas dives deep into all things electrolytes. We analyze a hair sample[...]
William Shewfelt part 2 on all the keto questions we get!
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Brandon Clark on keto for PTSD and training exclusively with resistance bands and bodyweight!
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Frida Teran on neurological disorders, ketones, and performance!
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Stephanie Holbrook on all things keto endurance!
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Nurse Cindy on changing your nutrition and diabetes, type one, two, and three!
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Mrs. Sikes and myself on marriage, business, and more!
CRYSTAL AND ROBERT SIKES PODCAST SHOW NOTES:Crystal Love is now Crystal Sikes!  We got married this past weekend and wanted[...]
Kris Gethin on training, business, CKD, and biohacking!
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Adam Schaeuble on the Million Pound Mission University!
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Alex Curtis of Neuroast on the power of mushrooms!
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Jill Rieder on her health journey and keto transformation!
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Shawn Wells on mindset, politics, and the future of keto!
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Dr. Ryan Lowery on next level ketogenic research!
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Victoria Field on keto for pets and the Metabolic Health Summit!
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Robert Hogge on overcoming injuries and first competition experience!
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Jonathan Shane on his post-show “rebound” and improved strategy!
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Neo on his keto transformation and starting the Keto Matrix!
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Meg on losing over 200 lbs and overcoming eating disorders!
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Jason Wittrock on the fitness industry and the keto lifestyle!
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Tony Portera on ultra-endurance running!!
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Dr. Ken Berry on breaking the diabetes epidemic!
Dr. Ken Berry Podcast Show Notes: In this episode, I speak with good friend and fellow country boy, Dr. Ken Berry![...]
Evan Sims on keto and creating Peak Yogurt!
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Trevor White on following your passion and minimalism!
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Amber O’Hearn and 9 years of experience with carnivore!
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Corey Modrowski and all about the GoRuck Challenge!
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Mike (Keto Diesel) and his 22+ years of experience with keto!
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Josh Sutelman on training techniques and optimizing your program!
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Miles Russell on weight loss and transforming with keto!
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Sahil Makhija of Headbanger’s Kitchen on keto and heavy metal!
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Ben Phelps of Primal Bro on building from the ground up!
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Michael Griffith on physical therapy and 3D training!
MICHAEL GRIFFITH PODCAST SHOW NOTES:In this episode, I talk with Michael Griffith, physical therapist and certified strength and conditioning specialist.[...]
Brian Williamson, founder of Ketovangelist, on life and purpose!
Brian Williamson Podcast Show Notes: In this episode, I talk with Brian Williamson, the founder of Ketovangelist.  We dive into his[...]
Luis Villasenor of Keto Gains talks techniques and keto strategy!
LUIS VILLASENOR PODCAST SHOW NOTES: In this episode, I talk with Luis Villasenor, the founder of Keto Gains.  We talk about[...]
Carrie Brown on turning around bipolar 2 with keto!
CARRIE BROWN PODCAST SHOW NOTES: In this episode, I talk with Carrie Brown, the keto chef extraordinaire!  We talk about how[...]
Gillian Szollos on keto for epilepsy and hormonal pathways!
GILLIAN SZOLLOS PODCAST SHOW NOTES: In this episode, I speak with Gillian Szollos on using the ketogenic diet for epilepsy[...]
Drew Manning of Fit2Fat2Fit on empathy and transformation mentality!
DREW MANNING PODCAST SHOW NOTES: In this episode, I speak with Drew Manning, the creator of Fit 2 Fat 2 Fit.[...]
Danny Vega and I on our 3-month hypertrophy experiment!
Danny Vega and I on our 3-month hypertrophy experiment: Danny Vega and I discuss the result of our three month[...]
Gene Blueprint team on leveraging genetics to optimize performance!
In this episode, I talk with the team over at Gene Blueprint on how to leverage genetics to optimize performance.[...]
Theresa Dodd on competing at nationals and seizing the day!!
This is the second time I've had Theresa on the show and it get's better every time!  In this episode,[...]
Adam Kapelner on killing cancer via ketogenesis and extreme hypoglycemia!
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