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Mark Bell on mindset, powerlifting, entrepreneurship, and nutrition!
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Dr. Bill Schindler on all things evolution, primitive living, and so much more!
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Judith Boettcher on finding Keto and healing her mind and body!
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Sawyer Sanchez on using keto to beat Leukemia!
My guest today is an inspiring guy that I had the pleasure to meet recently named Sawyer Sanchez. He shares[...]
Dr. Sylvia Tara on everything to do with all kinds of Fat!
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Aaron Day on some changes in his life, coaching, his new cookbook and more!
Aaron Day is back on the podcast today to talk about his new air fryer cookbook, parenting, his composition changes[...]
Stephen Hussey on everything you need to know about the Heart!
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John Arbuckle on everything to do with Regenerative Farming!
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John Roth on getting his wings back and handling his diabetes!
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Dr. Minkoff on Modern Medicine vs Holistic Health!
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Josh Phelps on keto, grilling, and running a business!
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Brendan Ruh on the benefits and differences between CBD and THC!
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Dave Sherwin on business, wellness, and his 7 pillers of nutrition!
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Bronson Dant on everything to do with WHY fitness matters!
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Bronson Dant on everything to do with TRUE fitness!
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Mike Lee on boxing and everything to do with CBD!
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Dr. Pucci on comparing and contrasting mainstream medicine and practices!
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Ben Azadi on coming back STRONG from the depths of depression!
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2021 Manifesto
Every year I record a manifesto to bring in the new beginning. By having a manifesto or "theme" for the[...]
Gary Taubes on “The Case for the Keto Diet!”
  Gary and I talk about the science behind different diets today and why he believes Keto is the way[...]
Dr. John Jaquish on why weightlifting may just be the worst thing for you!
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James Neilson on running a successful business and changing you for YOU!
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Dr. Faisal Fakih on dealing with hospital pushback on nutrition!
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Colin Kingsmore on how the pandemic changed his life as a musician!
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Ryan Munsey on truly figuring out what you want your day to day to look like!
Ryan and I talk about him building and running his own gym, hunting, his new book and so much more![...]
Jay The Grill Coach on everything to do with grilling!
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Sahil from Headbanger’s Kitchen on Keto, death metal, and living in India!
Sahil and I catch up on what he has been working on, and how his weight loss journey is going.[...]
Dr. Richard Jacoby on how sugar is the real enemy!
Dr. Richard dives deep into the inner workings of the body on today's episode. We talk about how sugar is[...]
Judy Cho on the Carnivore Dilemma!
Judy Cho and I really dig deep into the carnivore diet, and overall health as it pertains to the modern-day[...]
Brad Marks on creating one of the first Sleep Drinks!
Brad Marks and I discuss his sleep drink, SOM sleep, on today's podcast. We talk about why he created it,[...]
Rachel Gregory and Kim Howerton on everything to do with Metabolic Flexibility!
Rachel, Kim, and I take turns discussing metabolic flexibility on today's podcast. We talk about things like whether or not[...]
Matteo Franceschetti on designing the world’s smartest mattress!
Matteo and I talk all about sleep and mattresses on this podcast! I have been in the market for a[...]
Ben Seeman on being a police officer in 2020!
Ben and I talk about how he got into keto and how it made him feel, and his recent keto[...]
Brad Marshall on creating the “Croissant diet” and what it did for him!
Brad and I talk about some very interesting findings as it pertains to stearic acid, and what it does to[...]
The two brains behind Keto Brainz on their Ketogenic coffee creamer!
Molly and Kyle join me today to talk about their nootropic coffee creamer! We talk about the motivation behind their[...]
Logan Duvall on keeping a positive mindset through the trials of life!
Logan owns a local market here in Arkansas, and I got the chance to meet with him and talk about[...]
Rafael Ruiz on whether or not you should be wearing a mask during the pandemic!
Rafael and I dive extremely deep into the pandemic on today's podcast. We talk about things like what it takes[...]
Stephanie Person on the benefits of sticking to a strict, high-fat Keto Diet!
Stephanie and I are definitely speaking the same language when it comes to keeping things strict. We talk about how[...]
California Keto on running a high quality Ketogenic Shop!
Jordana and Michelle, the owners of California Keto hop on this podcast with me to tell the world about their[...]
Colt Milton on how Covid-19 inspired him to start a new business!
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Todd White on everything to know about Real Natural Wines!
Todd and I talk business on today's podcast! He really dives into what it takes to run a good company[...]
Scott Haarmann on learning patience, and finding the RIGHT information about your diet!
Scott and I talk about his ups and downs through his fitness and wellness journey. We talk about how he[...]
Crystal and I recap 2020 thus far on our 300th podcast episode!
300 Episodes in ladies and gents!!  I launched the Keto Savage Podcast back in 2016 with no experience and no[...]
Jason Wittrock on the Evolution of the Keto Diet!
Jason and I get into topics like what got him into Keto in the first place and how he tried[...]
Maryam Heidari on being thankful for the life that you live!
Maryam is a current client of mine and has been absolutely killing it. She has overcome so many stereotypes and[...]
Seth Barner on everything to do with disorderly eating!
Seth is a client and friend of mine and on today's podcast, we really get into his experience with disordered[...]
Sean Mccormick on how to be a better you in 15 days!
​Sean and I dive deep into all things biohacking, and how to become a better person overall. We talk about[...]
Kiran Malik on his findings with truly educated macro manipulation!
Karin and I talk about how to manipulate your macros and successfully experiment with different types of diets and macro[...]
Doctor Tro on why you should focus on WHY you eat, not WHAT you eat!
Doctor Tro and I talk about all kinds of things like whether or not you should count calories, high protein[...]
Dj Webb on having Covid-19, and stepping away from the Keto Diet!
DJ is a long time friend and during this laid back podcast, we talk about how life has changed for[...]
Sarah Kleiner on everything that comes with being a Carnivore Yogi!
Sarah and I  could not agree more on everything to do with the carnivore diet, the keto diet, and carb[...]
Nsima Inyang on everything to do with Jui jitsu!
Nsima and I talk a lot about what got him into fitness, the different areas of training he has tried,[...]
Brandon Scott on carb experimentation after being Carnivore for 2 years!
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Dr. Deanna Mutzel on her nutrition, being at a deficit on keto and learning lessons young!
Deanna and I talk a lot about nutritional strategy and her OMAD strategy. We talk about parenting in regards to[...]
Brad Lowry on the great outdoors, bow hunting and more!
Brad and I share a lot in common, and have been friends for some time! On this podcast we talk[...]
Ralph Dunniehigh on being a true ketogenic bodybuilder!
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Kristin Barishian on transitioning into being a Ketogenic/Carnivore marathon runner!
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Jake Thomas on natural bodybuilding and changing his life with meat!
Jake and I discuss his transitions/experiments through multiple diets, landing him on the carnivore diet currently. We talk about what[...]
Justin Schenck on everything to do with having a healthy mindset!
Justin and I really get into mindset and discuss things like focusing on what you can change and disregarding what[...]
Scott Myslinski on the Evolution of Carnivore and how you may be doing it wrong!
Scott Myslinski and I dive into all things carnivore. We talk about nutrient density, how you could potentially be doing[...]
Ashleigh VanHouten on empowering yourself, organ meats and training for women!
Ashleigh and I dive deep into what nutrition and training should look like for women as well as her new[...]
Kim Howerton on everything to do with Metabolic Flexibility!
In this Part II Podcast with Kim Howerton, we dive into everything to do with metabolic flexibility. We talk about[...]
Kim Howerton on achieving better overall health, not just a lower scale number!
Kim and I dive into things like reverse dieting, eating at a deficit, and how to get the correct macros[...]
Brandon from Keto Farms on growing a small business through a difficult time!
Brandon and I pick each other's brains about growing a business through this coronavirus. We talk about the start of[...]
Gary Mullins on life after the show, and NEVER taking anything for granted!
Gary and I discuss a lot in this podcast. We go over things like how life went for him after[...]
Dr. Shawn Baker on everything carnivore, fasting and training!
Dr. Shawn Baker and I dive deep into the depths of the carnivore diet. We talk about the differences between[...]
Jimmy Atienza on turning his life into what he wanted it to be!
Jimmy talks about his life's journey in this podcast and explains how humble beginnings only make you stronger. We discuss[...]
William Schumacher on creating the perfect Ketogenic Bread!
William and I talk about everything that went into his creation of the perfect Ketogenic Bread. We talk about the[...]
Danny Vega on learning who your real friends are, making useful habits and prioritizing nutrition!
On this catch-up call style podcast, Danny Vega and I dive deep into the craziness of the world right now[...]
Crystal Sikes on Launching Lady Savage, staying true to your heart and plans for the future!
  Crystal and I talk about her new business, Lady Savage, and everything it brings to the table! We go[...]
Adam Schaeuble on pursuing passions and the importance of friends!
ADAM SCHAEUBLE SHOWNOTES: In this laugh-filled podcast, Adam and I talk about how the coronavirus has turned the world inside[...]
Brandon Clark on the depths of reverse dieting, the Keto Brick Shred, and knowing your why!
Brandon Clark, the CPO of Keto Brick joins me today to talk about everything to do with what followed his[...]
Mike Gorman on leading a healthy Ketogenic life, admitting when you’ve overdone it, and finding your why!
Mike "Gormy" Gorman and I talk about all things Keto in this podcast. We talk about how Covid-19 has affected[...]
Michelle Hurn on long distance running, anorexia, being a dietitian and changing her life with Keto!
MICHELLE HURN SHOWNOTES: Michelle and I talk at length about what a healthy diet can truly mean for someone, as[...]
Jim Howard on his Ketone Testing Breathalyzer!
Jim and I dive into testing ketones and really talk about tracking data. We discuss what made him come up[...]
Connie Nightingale on being a female bodybuilder while maintaining Super-Mom Status!
CONNIE NIGHTINGALE SHOWNOTES: Connie and I talk about all things to do with being a female bodybuilder, and what goes[...]
William Parker on his amazing story as a pro-wrestler turned Truck Driver Chef!
WILLIAM PARKER SHOWNOTES: William Parker and I really get into the amazing story that starts with him reaching 500+lbs at[...]
Kara Collier on creating a Continuous Glucose Monitor!
KARA COLLIER SHOWNOTES:Kara and I dive deep into everything that goes into continuous glucose monitoring. We talk about how she[...]
Carolina Cartier on transforming her life after losing over 200lbs!
CAROLINA CARTIER SHOWNOTES: Carolina and I dive into female health as well as hormones and fighting PCOS. We discuss how[...]
Brian Gryn on all things to do with intermittent fasting!
BRIAN GRYN SHOWNOTES: Brian Gryn and I really dive into fasting and especially intermittent fasting. We go over how to[...]
Frank Tufano on how to properly execute the carnivore diet!
FRANK TUFANO SHOWNOTES: Frank and I talk a lot in this podcast about how to approach the carnivore diet in[...]
Trent Holbert on genetic testing, minimalism, and the 7 pillars of his life!
TRENT HOLBERT SHOWNOTES: Trent is a repeat guest here on my podcast, and this time we dive into all things[...]
Matt Willis on overcoming his rocky past, Spartan Races, and being a Musician!
MATT WILLIS SHOW NOTES: Matt and I had a really good conversation about things like overcoming a rough past and[...]
2020 Keto Competition Prep Takeaways!
KETO COMPETITON PREP SHOWNOTES: Now that the Keto Competition prep is over, I wanted to give y'all a full-blown synopsis[...]
Jay Miralles on the keto diet, how he got into the space, his past, and finding “your six!”
JAY MIRALLES SHOWNOTES: Today I talk with Jay Miralles about things like how he got into the Keto space, being[...]
Colin Stuckert on running your own farm, raising children, and a quality over speed approach!
COLIN STUCKERT SHOWNOTES: Colin and I dive deep into entrepreneurship and what it takes to run your own farm. We[...]
Dr. Ted Naiman on the differences between a High-Fat Approach and a High-Protein approach!
TED NAIMAN SHOWNOTES: Dr. Ted Naiman and I really dive into our differing views about which approach is optimal -[...]
Aaron Orton on natural building, nutritional strategy, banned substances and more!
AARON ORTON SHOWNOTES: Aaron Orton and I dive deep into all things to do with natural bodybuilding and different nutritional[...]
Week 20 Competition Prep Update
WEEK 20 COMPETITION PREP UPDATE SHOWNOTES: Today's podcast is the audio file from my latest competition prep update. I have[...]
Chris Stanton on Nuclear Pharmacology, drugs and the Corona Virus
CHRIS STANTON SHOWNOTES: Chris Stanton and I dive deep into what exactly nuclear pharmacology is, and how it works in[...]
Paul Saladino on being a good person, and everything to do with Carnivore!
PAUL SALADINO SHOWNOTES:Paul and I really dig into the keto lifestyle, carnivore, and everything in between. Paul is extremely educated[...]
Keto Summit Omaha Fitness Panel Presentation
Today's podcast is the audio from the Fitness Panel at Keto Summit Omaha! We answer quite a few questions and[...]
Tara from Slow Down Farmstead on everything to do with running a regenerative farm!
TARA SHOWNOTES: Tara and I really get into what it takes to own and run your own farm! We talk[...]
Goody Beats on being present with your family, bodybuilding and some BIG NEWS!
GOODY BEATS SHOWNOTES: Goody and I talk about how important family is, and how having children changed his life. We[...]
Cassie Wild on her experience and approach to the Carnivore diet!
CASSIE WILD SHOWNOTES: Cassie and I dig into the Carnivore diet and how she got started. She goes over how[...]
Lily Nichols on how to carry out the healthiest pregnancy while Keto!
LILY NICHOLS SHOWNOTES:Lily and I dive deep into what it means to be pregnant while eating Keto. We go over[...]
Matt Gagnon on what it means to truly have a Healthy Mind and what it takes to get there!
MATT GAGNON SHOWNOTES: Matt and I completely engulf ourselves in a deep conversation about what it means to have a[...]
2020 Manifesto
2020 is here ladies and gents! What are you going to do about it? Every year I record a Manifesto[...]
Joe Red Pill Vegan on the transition from Keto to Veganism and what it did for him!
JOE RED PILL VEGAN SHOWNOTES: Joe and I traverse into the depths of the recent argument between meat eaters and[...]
Meg Doll on all things Eating Disorders and creating a healthy relationship with food!
MEG DOLL SHOWNOTES:Meg and I dive deep into the trenches of eating disorders and her personal journey through them. We[...]
My Guest Speech at the University of Central Arkansas!
I got the chance to guest speak at the University of Central Arkansas with some of their business students. I[...]
Stephen Hussey on the Science and Biology of the Heart!
STEPHEN HUSSEY SHOWNOTES: Stephen and I dive extremely deep into the biology and science of the human heart. We talk[...]
Stephanie Foster on being in tune with your body through nutrition, sleep, supplements, mobility, and training!
STEPHANIE FOSTER SHOWNOTES: Stephanie and I dive into how being in tune with your body through all the important avenues[...]
What Is Ketosis? An Introductory Mini-Series
There has been a substantial increase in interest regarding the ketogenic (keto) diet in recent years. A portion of this[...]
Adam Greenfield on owning a start-up company, nootropics, and cognitive enhancement!
ADAM GREENFIELD SHOW NOTES: Adam and I dive into how he got started with nootropics, and what led him to[...]
Miles Russell on life after weight loss and how to keep your head straight, while focusing on your goals!
MILES RUSSELL SHOWNOTES:​​Miles Russell and I talk about his life after losing all the weight, and how to keep a[...]
Bo Bennett on Vegans vs Carnivores and the importance of keeping an open mind!
BO BENNETT SHOW NOTES: Doctor Bo Bennett and I traverse through the depths of the hot topic: vegans vs carnivores.[...]
Chris Bell on how to optimize your body and mind for Business, Keto and Life!
CHRIS BELL SHOW NOTES: Chris Bell and I dive into his documentaries, and how to utilize your platform for business[...]
Gary Mullins on living on sugar to becoming a Ketogenic Bodybuilder!
GARY MULLINS SHOWNOTES: Gary Mullins and I talk through how much his life has changed with the Keto Diet, coming[...]
Max Mentzer on all things Keto Cookin’!
MAX MENTZER SHOW NOTES: Max and I talk about all things Keto and cooking! We talk about his diabetes and[...]
Brenda Breland on postpartum depression, anxiety, and how she changed things around with Keto!
BRENDA BRELAND SHOWNOTES:Brenda and I talk about her love for hunting, her struggles with anxiety and postpartum depression, and how[...]
Tanya Pennington on sustainable cutting and obstacle course races!
TANYA PENNINGTON SHOW NOTES:Tanya Pennington and I talk about how she found her passion as a nutritional therapist, how much[...]
Crystal and I and our 200th Podcast Q&A!
EPISODE SHOWNOTES: Crystal and I celebrate our 200th podcast episode with a Q&A answering all of your questions! We go over[...]
Danny Vega on Ketogenic Muscle Building!
DANNY VEGA SHOW NOTES: Danny Vega's speech (NAKA 2019) on building muscle while on a ketogenic diet! Enjoy! Danny's Instagram:[...]
NAKA Presentation On Ketogenic Bodybuilding!
PRESENTATION SHOWNOTES: This past weekend was the NAKA Ketogenic bodybuilding competition.  I presented on how to properly go through a[...]
Scott Myslinski on All Things Carnivore!
SCOTT MYSLINSKI SHOWNOTES: Scott Myslinski and I talk about all things Carnivore. We go over his transition from Keto to[...]
Ken Berry on All things pregnancy, birthing, and nursing!
KEN BERRY SHOW NOTES:  Ken and I dive deep into all things pregnancy, birthing, and nursing. We flush out the[...]
Ali Miller on her Anti-Anxiety Cookbook and all things Hormonal!
Ali Miller Shownotes:  Ali Miller and I discuss her new anti-anxiety cookbook, and how it can be used as a[...]
David Webb on beating body dysmorphia, eating disorders and negative self-image!
David Webb Podcast Show Notes:David Webb and I dive deep into his journey through body dysmorphia while also battling eating[...]
Barton Scott on all things electrolytes and hair mineral testing!
BARTON SCOTT PODCAST DESCRIPTION: Barton Scott from Upgraded Formulas dives deep into all things electrolytes. We analyze a hair sample[...]
William Shewfelt part 2 on all the keto questions we get!
WILLIAM SHEWFELT PODCAST PART 2 DESCRIPTION:William Shewfelt is back for part 2 of our podcast series! We dive into all[...]
Brandon Clark on keto for PTSD and training exclusively with resistance bands and bodyweight!
BRANDON CLARK PODCAST SHOW NOTES:Brandon Clark is the production manager here at Keto Brick! Prior to working with us, he[...]
Frida Teran on neurological disorders, ketones, and performance!
FRIDA TERAN PODCAST SHOW NOTES: Frida Teran is an MD/PhD student and neuroscientist. We dive into all things neurological and[...]
Stephanie Holbrook on all things keto endurance!
STEPHANIE HOLBROOK PODCAST SHOW NOTES:Stephanie Holbrook is an expert on all things ketogenic endurance training! We dive into the Maffetone[...]
Nurse Cindy on changing your nutrition and diabetes, type one, two, and three!
Nurse Cindy Podcast Show Notes: Cynthia Miller, aka Nurse Cindy, talks with me on the basics of nutrition and how[...]
Mrs. Sikes and myself on marriage, business, and more!
CRYSTAL AND ROBERT SIKES PODCAST SHOW NOTES:Crystal Love is now Crystal Sikes!  We got married this past weekend and wanted[...]
Kris Gethin on training, business, CKD, and biohacking!
KRIS GETHIN PODCAST SHOW NOTES:Kris Gethin is the CEO of Kaged Muscle and expert when it comes to training technique,[...]
Adam Schaeuble on the Million Pound Mission University!
Adam Schaeuble Podcast Show Notes:  Adam Schaeuble from Million Pound Mission is an awesome gym owner and podcasting mastermind.  He[...]
Alex Curtis of Neuroast on the power of mushrooms!
Alex Curtis Podcast Show Notes: In this episode, I speak with Alex Curtis, the founder of Neuroast!  We dive into[...]
Jill Rieder on her health journey and keto transformation!
Jill Rieder Podcast Show Notes:In this episode, I speak with great friend and former client, Jill Rieder.  Jill has lost[...]
Shawn Wells on mindset, politics, and the future of keto!
Shawn Wells Podcast Show Notes:In this episode, I speak with great friend and repeat guest, Shawn Wells!  Shawn is a[...]
Dr. Ryan Lowery on next level ketogenic research!
Ryan Lowery Podcast Show Notes:In this episode, I speak with Dr. Ryan Lowery on some of the new science behind[...]
Victoria Field on keto for pets and the Metabolic Health Summit!
Victoria Field Podcast Show Notes: In this episode, I speak with Victoria Field on a variety of different keto related[...]
Robert Hogge on overcoming injuries and first competition experience!
Robert Hogge Podcast Show Notes: In this episode, I speak with one of my clients, Robert Hogge.  Robert was in[...]
Jonathan Shane on his post-show “rebound” and improved strategy!
Jonathan Shane Podcast Show Notes: In this episode, I'm joined by repeat guest, Jonathan Shane.  Jonathan is a former client of[...]
Neo on his keto transformation and starting the Keto Matrix!
Keto Neo Podcast Show Notes:In this episode, I speak with Neo, founder of Keto Matrix!  We dive into Neo's interesting[...]
Meg on losing over 200 lbs and overcoming eating disorders!
Meg Podcast Show Notes: In this episode, I speak with Meg and her journey of losing over 200 lbs and overcoming[...]
Jason Wittrock on the fitness industry and the keto lifestyle!
Jason Wittrock Podcast Show Notes: In this episode, I speak with fellow bodybuilder and keto coach, Jason Wittrock.  Jason dives deep[...]
Tony Portera on ultra-endurance running!!
Tony Portera Podcast Show Notes:In this episode, I speak with ultra endurance athlete, Tony Portera!  We dive into Tony's introduction[...]
Dr. Ken Berry on breaking the diabetes epidemic!
Dr. Ken Berry Podcast Show Notes: In this episode, I speak with good friend and fellow country boy, Dr. Ken Berry![...]
Evan Sims on keto and creating Peak Yogurt!
Evan Sims Podcast Show Notes: In this episode, I speak with Evan Sims, founder and creator of Peak Yogurt! We dive[...]
Trevor White on following your passion and minimalism!
Trevor White Podcast Show Notes: In this episode, Trevor White and I discuss how to find fulfillment in life.  Rather[...]
Amber O’Hearn and 9 years of experience with carnivore!
Amber O'Hearn Podcast Show Notes: In this episode, I talk with Amber O'Hearn and we dive deep into the world of[...]
Corey Modrowski and all about the GoRuck Challenge!
Corey Modrowski Podcast Show Notes:In this episode, I talk with Corey Modrowski and we dive deep into the sport of[...]
Mike (Keto Diesel) and his 22+ years of experience with keto!
Mike (Keto Diesel) Podcast Show Notes:In this episode, I talked with Mike (Keto Diesel) who has been following a ketogenic[...]
Josh Sutelman on training techniques and optimizing your program!
Josh Sutelman Podcast Show Notes: In this episode, I talk with Josh Sutelman and we get into the details of training.[...]
Miles Russell on weight loss and transforming with keto!
Miles Russell Podcast Show Notes:In this episode, I talk with Miles Russell on the topic of extreme weight loss and[...]
Sahil Makhija of Headbanger’s Kitchen on keto and heavy metal!
Sahil Makhija Podcast Show Notes: In this episode, I talk shop with Sahil Makhija, the man behind Headbanger's Kitchen.  Sahil is[...]
Ben Phelps of Primal Bro on building from the ground up!
Ben Phelps Podcast Show Notes: In this episode, I talk with Ben Phelps, founder of Primal Bro.  Ben has lost over[...]
Michael Griffith on physical therapy and 3D training!
MICHAEL GRIFFITH PODCAST SHOW NOTES:In this episode, I talk with Michael Griffith, physical therapist and certified strength and conditioning specialist.[...]
Brian Williamson, founder of Ketovangelist, on life and purpose!
Brian Williamson Podcast Show Notes: In this episode, I talk with Brian Williamson, the founder of Ketovangelist.  We dive into his[...]
Luis Villasenor of Keto Gains talks techniques and keto strategy!
LUIS VILLASENOR PODCAST SHOW NOTES: In this episode, I talk with Luis Villasenor, the founder of Keto Gains.  We talk about[...]
Carrie Brown on turning around bipolar 2 with keto!
CARRIE BROWN PODCAST SHOW NOTES: In this episode, I talk with Carrie Brown, the keto chef extraordinaire!  We talk about how[...]
Gillian Szollos on keto for epilepsy and hormonal pathways!
GILLIAN SZOLLOS PODCAST SHOW NOTES: In this episode, I speak with Gillian Szollos on using the ketogenic diet for epilepsy[...]
Drew Manning of Fit2Fat2Fit on empathy and transformation mentality!
DREW MANNING PODCAST SHOW NOTES: In this episode, I speak with Drew Manning, the creator of Fit 2 Fat 2 Fit.[...]
Danny Vega and I on our 3-month hypertrophy experiment!
Danny Vega and I on our 3-month hypertrophy experiment: Danny Vega and I discuss the result of our three month[...]
Gene Blueprint team on leveraging genetics to optimize performance!
In this episode, I talk with the team over at Gene Blueprint on how to leverage genetics to optimize performance.[...]
Theresa Dodd on competing at nationals and seizing the day!!
This is the second time I've had Theresa on the show and it get's better every time!  In this episode,[...]
Adam Kapelner on killing cancer via ketogenesis and extreme hypoglycemia!
Free copy of the paper: Official publication (paid): Kuma Shake: Kuma Shake Insta: Instagram Dr. Adam Kapelner's Website:[...]
Gary Blad on his first competition experience as a ketogenic bodybuilder!
Gary's Blog: The Ketogenic Bodybuilder Gary's Insta: Instagram
Chris Irvin on testing ketones, using supplements, hormones, and so much more! Insta: Instagram Chris Irvin's Insta:Instagram
Marcus Aurelius Anderson on the gift of adversity!
Marcus's website: Ted X talk: Gift of Adversity Speech Marcus's book: The Gift of Adversity Book Marcus's Insta: Instagram
Keto Connect on morning routines, content creation, diet experiments, and putting in the work!
Check out their website: Follow them on Insta: INSTAGRAM Check out their recipes on: PINTEREST
John Limansky, MD on biohacking, supplements, keto diet variations, blood work, keto for children, and so much more!!!
Dr. Limansky's website: Dr. Limansky's Insta:INSTAGRAM