Danny Vega on mindset, growth, building muscle, and life!

Danny Vega

Danny Vega Podcast Show Notes:

In this episode, I speak with multiple repeat guest and great friend, Danny Vega!  We haven't talked recently so we decided to have a catch up call and make it into a podcast.  We talk about the importance of "grind mode" and how to leverage that in life.  We discuss the benefits of living life on your terms.  We dive into Danny's new training style and how to fully engage mind-muscle connection.  We talk about diet manipulations and the importance of focusing on a given task and not overextending yourself.  Always a pleasure catching up with my brother Danny!  Hope you enjoy!


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Sheila G - August 28, 2018

You guys are Such a Dynamic pair! INSPIRED is how I feel after listening to you Guys on these these Pod casts!

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