Derek Tye on mindset, hardship, and thinking for success!

Derek Tye

Derek Tye Podcast Show Notes:

In this episode, I speak with great friend Derek Tye and we dive deep into thinking for success!  Derek came from humble beginnings but has been able to build a successful empire.  We talk about some of the life lessons he's learned in the process.  He tells us how to create actionable steps to turn our goals into a reality.  He stresses the importance of doing everything with excellence.  He talks about how to create fulfillment in life.  Derek is also a family man and he gives some great insight on how to juggle family life with business endeavors.  I really enjoyed the conversation and I hope y'all do as well!

Derek's tips on building the right mindset:

1. Expect positive things to happen to you. You can live in fear or faith, not both.

2. Serve others: Take the focus off of ourselves .  This is a successful path to a positive mindset

3. Celebrate: As often as possible with others when things go well!

4. Keep a success diary you can look back on when things get tough.

5. Always do the right thing

6. Have Perspective: Winning sometimes feels like losing in the moment.  This is a long game

7. Do daily Affirmations. 

8. Give gratitude! Journal your own gratitude and give freely to other people.  Be specific!


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