Dr. Bret Scher on making the ketogenic diet a staple in the medical industry!

Dr. Bret Scher

Dr. Bret Scher Podcast Show Notes:

In this episode, I talk with Dr. Bret Scher, one of the leading cardiologists within the keto/low carb community.  We dive into the weeds about current medical protocols and why drugs are given greater significance over nutrition.  We tackle some of the controversies that surround the ketogenic diet as it relates to health.  Dr. Scher goes into the details about various health markers and blood work.   We dive into mTOR and discuss the manipulation of cell growth.  We talk about the benefits of resistance training and HIIT, compare keto and low carb, and so much more!  This was a great chat, I have tons of respect for Dr. Scher, definitely check it out! 


Check out Dr. Scher's website: http://drbretscher.com/

Read Dr. Scher's book: ‚ÄčYour Best Health Ever!

Listen to my other podcasts: http://ketosavage.com/podcasts/

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