Evan Sims on keto and creating Peak Yogurt!

Evan Sims

Evan Sims Podcast Show Notes: 

In this episode, I speak with Evan Sims, founder and creator of Peak Yogurt! We dive into his motivation for starting keto and compare keto to the paleo diet he used to follow. We discuss the difference between saturated and unsaturated fats. We go into detail on how he started Peak Yogurt and what he has learned in building a food business. We also dive into the nutritional benefits of dairy and how to make your own yogurt. I learned a ton and it was a pleasure speaking with someone else from the food startup world!

NOTE: Peak is currently available in specialty organic groceries in the SF Bay Area and Seattle, but exciting news! They’ll be launching a direct-to-consumer subscription this September, where they’ll be shipping across the US.


Get your Peak Yogurt: https://peakyogurt.myshopify.com/

Follow Peak Yogurt on Insta: https://www.instagram.com/peakyogurt/

Listen to my other podcasts: http://ketosavage.com/podcasts/

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Kristi - August 15, 2018

Great podcast as always! Looking forward to trying Peak Yogurt in the east coast.

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