Front Squat Technique


The Front Squat allows for a more erect back position than does the back squat.  This puts more emphasis on quad stimulation and enables you to activate the muscle using a lighter weight than is necessary with a back squat.  Also, the position of your back and more vertical movement pattern allows for more squat depth than a typical back squat.  This increases your range of motion which stimulates more muscle fibers.  
Since your back is forced to maintain a more erect position, you'll likely fatigue in your upper traps and back prior to complete failure in your quads. 



There are a few different ways to position yourself on the bar while performing a Front Squat...

1. Olympic Grip

This involves hooking the pointer and middle finger around the bar and torquing your hands back and elbows upward. Personally, this puts a lot of strain on my wrists so I don't prefer it.  If you have good wrist and elbow flexibility, this shouldn't be an issue.

2. Cross-Arm Grip

This involves placing the bar in the hollow of your deltoids and then placing your arms across your body to keep the bar in place.  I prefer this as it doesn't require near the wrist flexibility as the Olympic grip.  

With both positions, keeping the elbows elevated and the back erect is key.  You don't want to allow yourself to fall forward which will transfer more weight to the lower back.  

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