Heather Cooan on beating Cancer with Keto!

Heather Cooan


Heather Cooan was born with a dairy allergy but didn't find out until she was 30. She developed Hashimoto's and other autoimmune conditions. She also suffered from Lichen Sclerosis which developed into vulver cancer. We dive into how she has used the Ketogenic Diet, hyperbaric oxygen chambers and stress reduction to heal herself. Hope you enjoy!


Check out Heather's Website: https://heathercooan.com/

Read her story and learn her treatment protocol: https://heathercooan.com/about-me/

Learn how to make her fat-bomb ice cream: https://heathercooan.com/keto-chocolate-walnut-fat-bomb-ice-cream/

The naturopathic oncologist database Heather mentioned during the show: https://oncanp.org/directory/

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