Joe Heitzeberg, founder of Crowd Cow, on craft beef!

Joe Heitzeberg

Joe Heitzeberg Podcast Show Notes:

In this episode, I speak with Joe Heitzeberg, founder of Crowd Cow.  Crowd Cow has taken a very unique approach to supplying consumers with locally raised, grass fed beef.  We dive into the beef industry as a whole and pull the curtain back on the commercialization of the process.  We discuss the different genetic strains of beef and how beef can be viewed as a "craft" specialty.  We talk about how Crowd Cow is benefiting the local farmer and allows for proper stewardship of the land.  We even discuss grass-fed vs grain-fed and how to prepare the perfect steak!  I really enjoyed this conversation and am much more well versed on the world of beef!

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Lilly - August 4, 2018

A great podcast! I was curious if the downfall of Zaycon Fresh would be a benefit to Crowd cow? Beef elitists are so passionate about their perspective. Off to check out Thank you KetoSavage!

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