John Roth and his experience with Type 1 Diabetes!

John Roth

John Roth Podcast Show Note:

In this episode, I talk with John Roth and we dive into how his life has changed as a result of late-onset type 1 diabetes.  As a diabetic, he can no longer hold the medical clearance necessary to fly as a commercial airline pilot.  He has had to adjust his diet and his lifestyle to correct course.  We talk about the difference between type 1 and type 2 diabetes.  We dive into the effect carbs and insulin have on the body.  Of course, we dive into the mindset and the importance of adding more value to this world than you take!


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Stephanie Ballard - April 24, 2018

Loved this podcast!! I too am a Type 1 Diabetic diagnosed in my late 30’s. I had also always been athletic/active and all consumed with nutrition. I was also raised in the south (Huntsville, Alabama) and was the only member of my family who ever cared about health and nutrition. Ironically, I am the only one in my immediate family to develop diabetes. At first I was pretty angry because I was the one who was health conscious yet I was the one who became diabetic. I am much more ok with my situation now and “embrace the suck”. In the Keto world, Type 2 is usually the disease that is most addressed so this podcast hit home with me. Even more so it was encouraging to me as the books he mentioned are the books I swear by and always recommend to any Type 1 I meet. I didn’t mean to ramble but was so excited by this podcast. I am now almost 49 years old and have had Type 1 for over 11 years. Keto has allowed me to enjoy an improvement in all my markers without feeling deprived. Most recently I have obtained a really AWESOME coach (shout out to Crystal) to help me achieve my body composition goals before I turn 50. Thanks for all you do for the Keto community!

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