Miracle Rice Pizza

Alrighty y'all, this miracle rice pizza recipe is pretty simple.  It's basically a fathead pizza without the almond flour. I wanted to see if the miracle rice is a viable substitute in order to cut down on total calories. Not going to lie, it was a bit more flimsy and not near as crisp as a typical fathead crust. However, if you have a nut allergy and can't do the almond flour or you just want more volume with less caloric load, this could be a great option!


miracle rice


  1. 1 Oz Cream cheese
  2. 1 Whole egg
  3. 100 Grams mozzarella cheese
  4. Miracle Rice
  5. Desired toppings


  1. Strain and rinse miracle rice
  2. Dry miracle rice in oven at 425 degrees for 40 minutes
  3. Melt cream cheese and mozzarella cheese together
  4. Mix in dried miracle rice to cheese mixture
  5. Whisk in one whole egg to mixture
  6. Flatten "crust" onto a baking sheet and bake at 425 degrees for 20-30 minutes
  7. Add desired toppings
  8. Bake for 5-10 minutes to melt toppings
  9. Enjoy



Get miracle rice: https://miraclenoodle.com/

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Dawn Rogers - February 21, 2019

How many grams of miracle rice did you use in this recipe? Thanx in advance for your reply!

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