Pickle Poppers

Not going to lie y'all, this Pickle Popper recipe looks disgusting! I mean, who would think a hot pickle would taste even remotely good??? Certainly not us! Crystal thought this recipe would be a total flop....until she tried it.
Once it was all made, she couldn't stop eating it! Super simple with only three common ingredients. Give these pickle poppers a try!




  1. 1 big pickle
  2. 2 slices uncured bacon
  3. 2 oz of full fat cream cheese


  1. Drill a hole through your pickle using either a 1/4 inch drill bit or a 1/2 inch drill bit (depending on the size of your pickle)
  2. Warm up the cream cheese in a microwave for 30-45 seconds
  3. Using a ziplock bag with a punctured corner, squeeze the cream cheese into the pickle
  4. Wrap the pickle in bacon
  5. Grill the "pickle popper" over a bed of coals until the bacon is cooked and you're pickle is well done..
  6. Eat your Pickle Popper!



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