Ross Taylor on the origination of the F-Bomb business!


Ross Taylor F-Bomb Podcast Show Notes:

In this episode I had the pleasure of speaking with Ross Taylor, founder of the F-Bomb macadamia nut butters!  Ross was a huge help to me in the beginning of Keto Brick and I've learned so much from him from a business perspective.  We dove into the details behind starting the F-Bomb business.  We went into the weeds about the legal implications, trademarks, LLC's, certifications, and all of the regulations.  We compared the advantages/disadvantages of producing a product in house vs outsourcing it.  We talked about some of the business pitfalls and lessons learned.  We also went into the bigger picture of building a business and using it to positively impact the community.  I really really enjoyed this conversation, I hope you do as well!


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