Tricep Development Exercise

Interested in building bigger arms? If so, it's important you start with the triceps! The triceps make up the majority of the arm so dedicating a solid portion of your training to developing your triceps is key. The triceps are made up of three different muscular heads; the lateral head, the medial head, and the long head.

The long head of the tricep is the only portion of the muscle that extends beyond the shoulder joint and attaches to the scapula. For this reason, it's important to incorporate movements that stimulate that full contraction. Overhead movements that fully stretch out the long head of the tricep are key. I'm a huge fan of "skull crushers" or lying tricep extensions for this reason. This exercise makes it easy to stimulate the muscle through the entire range of motion. It's also easy to transition to a close grip bench press and perform negative reps of the lying extension once you've reached muscle failure.

Another great exercise to stimulate the full contraction of the long head is the tricep kick-back. Go lighter on this movement and focus on the squeezeIf you incorporate these exercises into your training regimen, you're guaranteed to stimulate the tricep more and see better muscular development! 

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