Evolutionary Nutrition with Dr. Bill Schindler

Do you have an unhealthy relationship with food? From being bullied in elementary school to obsessing over maintaining weight for his college wrestling career, Bill struggled with his relationship with food for most of his life. Passionate about archeology and primitive history, Bill healed his relationship with food by studying the nutrition habits of Native Americans and ancestral diets.  Today, he and his family travel the world discovering the nutrition habits of various cultures and are healthier and happier than ever. I learned a ton during this interview and I hope you will as well.  

What we discussed in this episode:

  • What got Bill interested in the study of archeology and ancient history to begin with (2:10)
  • Modern advancement, what exactly it entails, and its perceived value (4:48)
  • The importance of celebrating the past while acknowledging that it wasn’t all “rainbows and unicorns” (8:37)
  • The division surrounding how we have evolved to eat as a species (12:53)
  • The difference between plant and animal preparation and nutrient density (17:40)
  • How our bodies have evolved to digest and process the food we consume today (21:02)
  • The importance of paying attention to how our food is processed (25:08)
  • Is there a perfect human diet? (27:09)
  • Omnivore by design vs. omnivore by technology (27:09)
  • The catalyst for brain development that led to our ability to create sharp tools to process animals for food (30:41)
  • The evolution of brain size (31:22)
  • Prioritizing animal resources (36:40)
  • Plant toxins (38:02)
  • Genetic modification of vegetation over the centuries (41:51)
  • Cooked vs. raw meat from a nutritional standpoint (44:44)
  • Maximizing your intake of nutrients in meat (48:32)
  • The importance of knowing your food sources, in particular the modern meat industry (51:39)
  • The value in purchasing or butchering locally sourced meat (56:59)
  • Homesteading and The Modern Stone Age Kitchen (1:00:25)
  • New things in the pipeline for Bill and his family (1:02:55)

Where to learn more from Bill: 

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