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Daniel Hale Discusses Unexpected Blessings Through Loss
(Please be advised, today's episode deals with infant loss.) How could your life change if you turned a tragedy into inspiration? In today's episod...
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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: a (Friendly) PSMF Debate with Rachel Gregory
If you're curious about the hype/stigma surrounding protein sparing modified fasting (PSMF), then this podcast episode is for you. Today we welco...
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Back to Basics with Vivica Menegaz
Vivica Menegaz Show Notes What changes could you make in your life to live more simply and naturally? Today, r...
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Nutrition, Fitness, Training, and Movement with Bronson Dant
Do you want more out of life than simply getting out of bed every morning with fewer aches and pains? In today's episode, Bronson and I discuss the...
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Colin Stuckert’s Quest to Empower Humans to Take Control of Their Lives and Make a Difference
What would be your tipping point to finally make the changes in your life to be happy and fulfilled? In today's episode, Colin Stuckert and I discu...
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Mike McKnight Discusses Going the Distance as a Low-Carb Ultra Endurance Runner
What if you were given a second chance to push your body to the limits of its capability? Today we discuss Mike McKnight’s running journey and what...
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From Protein to Stoicism, Andrew Zaragoza Discusses His Life and Career Journey!
On today's episode, we discuss Andrew's experiences in his career and how he ended up producing the popular podcast Power Project with Mark Bell....
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Dr. Anna Gives It to Us Straight in Regards to Hormones and Taking Control of Your Health and Longevity
What if your quality of life could improve dramatically by making a few simple changes to your diet? Today we discuss Dr. Anna Cabeca’s no-nonsense...
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