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Battling Addiction, Abuse, and Transforming Your Life with Battista Locatelli
Have you ever hit rock bottom and somehow climbed back up to transform your life? Battista Locatelli grew up quickly as the child of drug-abusing p...
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Flexible Dieting and Sustainability with David Mathas
Do you practice flexible dieting or if it fits your macros? David Mathas discusses his approach and opinions on each and how he focuses on quality ...
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Fertility, Pregnancy, and Growing a Baby Savage with Crystal Sikes
After much anticipation, there is a Baby Savage on the way! In this episode, we discuss our fertility and pregnancy journey, our birth choices, par...
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Mindset and Overcoming Food Allergies with Sonia Hunt
Do food allergies and sensitivities control your life? Sonia Hunt’s first reaction was when she was three years old, and since then she has discove...
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Perinatal Health, Fitness, and Movement with Erica Ziel
Do you think pelvic floor dysfunction and urinary incontinence is a normal and acceptable part of pregnancy or being a woman in general? Erica Ziel...
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The Psychology of Food Addiction with Joan Ifland
Could you be suffering from a food addiction? Joan Ifland suffered from rage episodes for several years, which took a toll on her family and person...
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Training Like an Elite Athlete with Dr. Marc Bubbs
Is your way of eating and training healthy and sustainable? Dr. Marc Bubbs discusses the success he’s seen in training Olympic athletes and the min...
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The Benefits of True Biohacking with Tim Gray
Do you know the definition of biohacking and its benefits? Tim Gray has been making waves as a leading biohacker in the UK and he discussed his b...
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