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Epilepsy, Keto, and Endurance Running with Michael Leddy
Did you know that a ketogenic diet can be an effective treatment for epilepsy? Michael Leddy has lived with epilepsy from a young age, dealing ...
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All About Sprouts with Doug Evans
Have you ever considered incorporating sprouts into your diet? Doug Evans is the sprout guru and has been sprouting his own greens for quite so...
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Battling Demons with a Ketogenic Diet with Valerie Smith
Do you struggle with mental illness? Valerie Smith healed her mind and body through a well-formulated ketogenic diet. Her story is honest, raw,...
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What a Long, Strange Trip it has Been with Robert Johnson
If you're like me, you don't know much about mushrooms other than the strains we're all familiar with. Robert Johnson is a mushroom aficionado ...
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Sharing the Stage and the Microphone with Lewis Summerson
I met Lewis Summerson when we shared the stage during the world's competition, and afterward, we had the opportunity to chat about all things n...
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Getting on the Same Wavelength with Dr. Andrew Hill
If you've ever been curious about the different brainwaves and what they mean for your body, you'll definitely find some answers in this e...
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Medicine 4.0 with Dr. Adeel Khan
If you're curious about stem cell therapy, then this podcast should help to shed some light on this topic. Dr. Khan is the CEO and Founder of e...
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From Natural Bodybuilding to Science with Eric Helms
If you have any interest in natural bodybuilding, competition, changing your body composition, and anything in between, this episode is for you...
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