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Pork Chops and Bacon with Pork Rhyne
Do you love bacon? If you're interested in where your pork is sourced, this is the episode for you. Pork Rhyne is "The Pork Evangelist," an int...
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Keto and Pet Health with Daniel Schulof
Did you know that dogs and cats thrive with a lower carbohydrate diet? Daniel Schulof, founder of KetoNatural, spent four years researching the l...
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The Wonderful World of Exogenous Ketones with Mike and UJ of Tecton Life
Are you confused about exogenous ketones and their benefits? On this episode, I welcomed the co-founders of Tecton Life, Mike Chesne and Udaiyan...
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The Broad Scope of Nutrition and Fitness with Jonathan Griffiths
Do you struggle to make sense of the vast amounts of information out there surrounding nutrition and fitness? Jonathan Griffiths has been in the...
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Where’s the Beef with Natalie and Tara
Do you know where your food is sourced? Natalie and Tara have backgrounds in dairy farming and cattle ranching and are the hosts of the Discove...
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Breaking Away from Traditional Dieting with Jake Dudley
Have you tried "traditional" diets to lose weight but struggle to see the scale move? Jake Dudley is a highly experienced registered dieti...
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Communication is Key with Brenden Kumarasamy
Do you struggle to communicate effectively? Brenden Kumarasamy is a communication expert and the brains behind MasterTalk. As an experienc...
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Keto Con 2023 with Robert Sikes
It was an honor to present at the 2023 Keto Con, and for those of you who couldn't be there in person, I'm sharing my presentation with you for...
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