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Too Vascular? | AMA
If you write me a SOLID question, AND I use it in these youtube videos, I will send you a free package of Keto Bricks. All you need to do is fill i...
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The Fun of the Hunt with Michael Denehy
In this episode, I welcome back client and friend Michael Denehy to discuss our elk hunting expedition in Colorado.  While we weren’t lucky en...
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Getting to Know New Deeper State Keto Coaches Jen Pittaro and Greg Mahler
I'm pleased to introduce our new Deeper State Keto coaches, Jen and Greg. Both are clients of mine and earned their pro cards this year. They're...
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Natural Bodybuilding and Metabolic Flexibility with Flex Velasco
From vegan to keto-ish, Flex Velasco is no stranger to experimenting with nutritional protocols to optimize his health and overall well-being. ...
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Evolutionary Nutrition with Dr. Bill Schindler
Do you have an unhealthy relationship with food? From being bullied in elementary school to obsessing over maintaining weight for his college wrest...
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Pregnancy and Nutrition with Dr. Yaakov Abdelhak
When it comes to something as important as pregnancy, it can be difficult to veer away from mainstream recommendations in regards to nutrition and ...
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Shining the Light on Sleep and the Circadian Rhythm with Corey Ghazvini
How is the quality of your sleep? Poor sleep can negatively affect your health, causing weight gain, depression, and other ailments. Corey Ghazv...
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2021 Recap with Lady Savage
2021 was a whirlwind of a year for us, and probably for most of our listeners out there. In this episode, we’ll give a recap of our year, share our...
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