First Trimester Recap with the Lady Savage

Crystal is officially in her second trimester, and, as promised, we will be giving you a play-by-play of her pregnancy and answering your questions throughout this journey.  We are feeling so very blessed and grateful for this pregnancy and our community.

What we discussed in this episode:

  • Crystal’s struggle with nausea during weeks 6-11 of her first trimester (2:06)
  • The importance of keeping something in your stomach throughout the day to help combat low blood sugar and the effects of “morning sickness” (4:22)
  • The foods she ate with absorbent qualities to help calm the nausea in the morning (6:12)
  • Her aversion to coffee now (6:42)
  • Appetite and caloric intake now that’s she’s pregnant and any adjustment she’s made (8:12)
  • What a day’s worth of eating looks like for her now (10:46)
  • The one time during her first trimester when she understood how other pregnant women could crave and eat a high amount of carbohydrates (14:03)
  • Robert as a husband during the first trimester and how he adjusted to the mild mood swings (15:21)
  • The emotional roller coaster of the first trimester, when you can’t see or feel the baby but you still feel unwell and out of sorts (17:33)
  • Feelings of anxiety prior to hearing the baby’s heartbeat for the first time (18:16)
  • The different ways to listen to the baby inside the womb (19:17)
  • Feeling the baby move for the first time and why it’s unusual so early on in pregnancy (21:11)
  • Prenatal vitamins, her midwife’s recommendations, and where Crystal purchases her supplements (23:59)
  • Following a ketogenic diet during pregnancy and the importance of having the conversation with your provider about what is best for you (26:21)
  • How the pregnancy has affected us mentally and whether or not it feels “real” yet (27:36)
  • Changes she made to her training routine once she found out she was pregnant (30:04)
  • Unusual cravings (33:41)
  • How she plans her food and her macros and the increase she’s made in her carb allotment (36:30)
  • Meat aversion and how she handled that (38:48)
  • Our experience with fertility and tracking ovulation (41:23)
  • What we have to look forward to during the second trimester (43:43)
  • Whether or not we’ll find out the baby’s sex (44:50)

Where to follow Crystal on her pregnancy journey:

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Robert Sikes


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