Just Breathe with Justin Ternes

We all know we need to breathe to survive, but are you aware of the different breathwork techniques and how you can optimize your parasympathetic state? Dr. Justin Ternes, a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Breathwork Specialist, and Mindset & Performance Coach, is the visionary founder of True Self Health & Human Performance. Residing in the scenic Ozark Mountains of Northwest Arkansas, Dr. Ternes is a fervent advocate for holistic health optimization. With a career spanning over 7 years in physical therapy, he has evolved his practice to include holistic health and performance coaching, focusing on meditation, breathwork, psychophysiology, and mindset techniques. (https://trueself.health/about) I learned a lot from this conversation and I can't wait to welcome him back to continue our discussion. I know you'll take something from this episode as well. 

What you'll learn:

  • Justin's background and why he became interested in this work (2:41)
  • Stress, breathwork, and meditation with a focus on their impact on physical and mental health (5:22)
  • Cold therapy options for hot summer months (11:01)
  • Cold plunging benefits and edge portable ice bathtub (16:25)
  • Proper breathing techniques and their benefits for physical and mental health (21:28)
  • Improving posture and breathing through body awareness and movement (29:08)
  • Breathwork, sleep tape, and journaling for improved well-being (35:48)
  • Discipline, self-care, and breathwork for mental wellness (42:28)

Where to learn more:

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Robert Sikes


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