Overcoming Hard Times and Finding Purpose with Dilan Abeya

How do you find strength and fortitude when you're struggling? Dilan Abeya is a well known and up and coming fitness model from the UK who has created a brand around inspiring others. Using himself as an example, he gives free advice on how other people could also transform their lives just by changing habits. (www.dilanabeya.com) We've recorded many episodes on getting your life together, but it was a pleasure to get Dilan's perspective and learn about his experience.

What you'll hear:

  • What got Dilan into the fitness space to begin with (1:40)
  • The dark time he experienced in a past relationship and the trauma of the breakup (3:54)
  • The importance of controlling one's own thoughts and actions rather than placing blame or allowing others to fix your problems (5:42)
  • Overcoming heartbreak through exercise and nutrition (8:37)
  • Mental health, habits, and energy management (16:23)
  • Consistency in nutrition and training (20:09)
  • Daily mindfulness practices and the importance of routines (25:25)
  • Breaking down large goals into smaller, more manageable steps (40:26)
  • Finding your purpose and avoiding societal pressures (43:15)
  • Take social media breaks and being discerning with the types of media we consume (51:42)
  • Leveraging social media to provide a platform for helping others (57:41)
  • Managing distractions (1:00:01)

Where to learn more about Dilan:

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Written By

Robert Sikes


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