The Fun of the Hunt with Michael Denehy

In this episode, I welcome back client and friend Michael Denehy to discuss our elk hunting expedition in Colorado.  While we weren’t lucky enough to get an elk, we had an amazing time and learned a lot about one another in the process.  I am excited to share our experience with you. 

What we talked about:

  • The beginning of my coaching relationship with Michael (2:36)
  • How it came to be that he invited me on his elk hunt in Colorado (4:08)
  • Covering 64 miles of terrain in six days (5:07)
  • The conditions during the hunt, including weather and timing (5:47)
  • The bull that got away (9:43)
  • The obstacles elk have to face day after day just to survive (12:59)
  • Hunting is an exercise in patience (14:36)
  • The difficult environmental factors we faced during the hunt and how things were so different at that time a year before (15:16)
  • The progression of the hunting season in Colorado (17:15)
  • The nutritional value of elk meat and the benefits of knowing exactly what food your game has been eating (20:03)
  • The flavor of elk meat (22:56)
  • The psychological rewards of hunting your own food (23:33)
  • Being prepared physically for an elk hunt of this magnitude (25:45)
  • What a typical day looked like for us during the trip (28:36)
  • Maintaining our workouts even while on the road (29:09)
  • Continuing with client work while on the trip and what my daily schedule looked like (30:50)
  • Michael’s sale of the brewery and the life changes that will bring (32:37)
  • How Michael’s competition prep got him in great physical shape to handle the landscape and demands of the hunt (35:01)
  • How I prepped for the hunting trip, including an increase in the elevation of my runs (38:01)
  • The importance of proper footwear (39:11)
  • The difference between motivation and discipline (42:37)
  • Integrity in the sport of hunting (48:54)
  • The benefits we saw from continuing our daily strength training once we returned from the hunt each day (51:23)
  • What’s new for Michael now that the brewery is sold (55:31)
  • How each of us fared energy-wise during the hunt following a ketogenic diet (58:06)

Where to find Michael:

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Robert Sikes


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