Battling Addiction, Abuse, and Transforming Your Life with Battista Locatelli

Have you ever hit rock bottom and somehow climbed back up to transform your life? Battista Locatelli grew up quickly as the child of drug-abusing parents and found himself battling addictions from food to heroin. After years of abuse and addiction, relapse, and run-ins with drug cartels, Battista transformed his life through a meat-based ketogenic diet. He is a bright light in the ketogenic space and it was a pleasure to talk to him and learn about his life. 

What we discussed on this episode:

  • His early life growing up the child of drug addicted parents in Las Vegas (1:32)
  • What it was like being raised in the restaurant industry that catered to celebrities and mafia members (2:04)
  • The beginnings of the sexual abuse he endured as a child (3:03)
  • When his unhealthy relationship with food began (4:41)
  • His success in school despite his tumultuous home life and his first exposure to dieting through Jenny Craig as a ten-year old (8:34)
  • His first experience with methamphetamines and the quick weight loss that followed due to lack of appetite (11:14)
  • The resentment he felt towards his mother and father as absent parents (16:16)
  • How his addiction evolved and led to his eventual incarceration due to theft (23:57)
  • Unhealthy relationships and the toll they took on his self-esteem (28:09)
  • Moving in with his parents in Utah and becoming an alcoholic (31:10)
  • His first stint in rehab and subsequent relapse due to an ATV accident (33:11)
  • Heroin addiction and his experience as a distributor (38:03)
  • The opioid epidemic in Utah (38:17)
  • Continuing run-ins with police and insane experiences due to drug and alcohol abuse (49:48)
  • The pivotal moment in jail when he realized he didn’t have anyone but himself, and he knew he could return from ground zero and remake himself (50:47)
  • The beginning of his weight loss and fitness journey and the years he spent experimenting to figure out what works best for his body (57:05)
  • His relationship with his partner Brandon and the shared trauma they have in common (58:02)
  • Their experience with going carnivore and the immediate health benefits they saw (59:54)
  • Battista’s work towards a master’s degree in social work with the goal of becoming a licensed clinical social worker (1:06:50)
  • The gifts that being an addict has given him and his experience working as an operations manager for sober living homes (1:08:33)
  • The value of community when going through recovery (1:10:36)
  • His experience with EMDR therapy (1:14:09)
  • The ramifications of chronic undereating (1:26:07)
  • Weight training and the benefits he’s noticed since beginning a routine (1:34:14)

Where to learn more about Battista and follow his journey:

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Robert Sikes


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