Using Food as Medicine and Living Her Best Life in Nature with Laura Primal

Have you ever tried to cure or help chronic health issues through dietary changes? Laura Primal has taken her health into her own hands and found relief from asthma and eczema by following a carnivore ketogenic diet. 

 A native German, Laura spends her time taking care of her body by hiking the Alps and spending as much time as possible out in nature.  Her Instagram feed is full of great information and beautiful pictures of all her adventures.  It was a great conversation and I’m looking forward to learning more about her adventures. 

What we discussed in this episode:

  • Her reasons for experimenting with a carnivore diet and the benefits she has seen (1:40)
  • Bodybuilding competitions and her experience preparing for those in 2018 following a carnivore diet (3:06)
  • Her switch to Paleo after her competitions and the differences she noticed when adding or subtracting carbohydrates (4:36)
  • The nutrition choices people make in Germany that make it difficult to find many carnivore or ketogenic options in restaurants (7:17)
  • Obesity, heart disease, and other ailments that plague the German population (8:05)
  • Laura’s day-to-day eating habits and macro tracking (9:18)
  • A day of eating for her and what her diet mainly consists of (10:37)
  • Her opinion on nose-to-tail eating (14:08)
  • Organ meats and their benefits (16:41)
  • Why her dog eats a raw carnivore diet and the benefits she’s seen from that transition (19:44)
  • Her current training routine and the importance of flexibility in your plan (21:51)
  • The transition in her Instagram profile from strictly fitness and health to include more snippets of her life and adventures (24:23)
  • The importance of spending time outdoors in nature (26:57)
  • Hiking, backpacking, and mountain biking (28:05)
  • Her plans for a hiking trip across the Alps in the spring (29:01)
  • The gear she uses and showcases on her Instagram feed (30:10)
  • Go-to, convenient meals when she’s spending days hiking (30:58)
  • The best firestarter for backpacking (33:23)
  • Her experience working in a gym and why she takes the time to get outside everyday for at least a half hour (35:15)
  • Safety precautions she takes when venturing into the woods alone (36:54)
  • Trips she has planned for the coming months (38:16)
  • Strength training when she’s traveling or spending lots of time outdoors (39:44)

Where to follow along on Laura’s adventures:

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Robert Sikes


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