Brenda Herrod Talks About Thriving at Any Age

Would you make the necessary lifestyle changes to add more fulfillment and years to your life? 

At 52 years old, Brenda Herrod is healthier than ever and on today's podcast, we talk about her lifestyle and how she's making a difference in her clients' lives every single day. At a young age, Brenda took an interest in health and fitness and admired the physique of female bodybuilders. Having lost her parents and brother at such a young age, from ailments such as cancer, Brenda knows intimately the importance of treating and fueling your body well. It wasn't until she was in her 40's that she truly realized the finite nature of life and decided to take control of her health and wellness. Through the Buff Mother program, she lost 35 pounds and began to understand the importance of protein intake and strength training. As a family practitioner, she is pursuing her certification in functional wellness, and we can't wait to see the impact she has on her clients' lives in the years to come. 

What we discuss in this episode:

  • Brenda's interest in health and fitness and how itbecame her life's pursuit (1:41)
  • Her passion for helping her clients live their bestlives well into their 40's and 50's (7:48)
  • Using fitness as a tool to cope with grief and stress(9:10)
  • The importance of making your fitness program funso that you'll be consistent and getresults (12:35)
  • How sleep affects our health and aids in healing and boosting our immunity (15:00)
  • The role that protein and strength training play in women's health (17:29)
  • How your morning mindset can positively or negatively affect your entire day (21:25)
  • When it comes to nutrition and calories, quality over quantity is key (23:38)
  • The benefits of intermittent fasting (26:16)
  • The effects of menopause on women's health and what to do to navigate this life change(29:04)
  • The process and logistics of starting a new business(33:40)

To follow Brenda's journey, visit her at: 

Brenda Lee Wellness


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Robert Sikes


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