Chatting It Up With Mike Mutzel

For this episode, I had the pleasure of being a guest on Mike's podcast, High Intensity Health. We discussed my new book, Ketogenic Bodybuilding, reverse dieting, preserving muscle mass, and much more.

What you'll learn from this episode:

  • Why I became interested in the ketogenic diet originally (2:03)
  • Disordered eating before discovering keto (3:10)
  • Reverse dieting and breaking free of cravings (4:18)
  • Getting down to sub-5% body fat as a natural bodybuilder (6:16)
  • Resting metabolic rate and chronically under consuming (7:48)
  • Mindset (10:12)
  • How long I've been strict keto and the long-term benefits I've experienced (12:10)
  • Responding to naysayers and doubters (14:51)
  • Caloric runway (17:55)
  • The big picture overview of my book and protocol (20:07)
  • Breaking free of the vicious cycle of under consuming, binging/purging, and how reverse dieting helps (23:06)
  • Fasting and longevity (25:43)
  • Training fasted (27:10)
  • My view on the importance of consuming protein shakes and amino acids post-workout (27:49)
  • Consistent energy levels when following a ketogenic protocol (29:24)
  • Cheat meals and refeeds (32:03)
  • My approach to biohacking (33:58)
  • Protein consumption and digestion (36:14)
  • Being active after eating a meal (37:57)
  • Training frequency (38:24)
  • Old school training style (40:05)
  • Optimizing nutrition for the various training phases (41:50)
  • Keto brick flavors (44:26)
  • Deadlifts, the most efficient exercise (45:02)
  • My home gym updates (47:13)
  • Keto Savage apparel updates (50:13)

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Written By

Robert Sikes


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