Chef James Barry Talks About Being Healthy in Life and in Business!

Would it make a difference in your life if it were easier to make healthy, delicious food? Today we are talking to James Barry, personal chef and the creator of Pluck. 

James' background has enabled him to create a seasoning that packs a punch not only in flavor but in health benefits as well. As a chef, James makes it a priority to take meals to the next level in regards to nutrition and health benefits. His goal is to ensure food is nutrient-dense, easily absorbed, and delicious. With Pluck, he has created just such a product. It is an organ-based food seasoning that adds a tasty kick to everything from oysters to popcorn and has the added nutritional benefits of the organ meats we all know we should be eating. We can't wait to see what tasty products James has in store for the future.

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • How Pluck, a completely new food product, was born (1:45)
  • The additive that processed/packaged foods contain to keep you going back for more (8:14)
  • The importance of knowing exactly what you're putting into your body and in what amounts (13:00
  • How to handle imposter syndrome so that it doesn't negatively affect your life or business (16:43)
  • The benefits of creating a healthy work environment for yourself and your employees (36:39)
  • How getting to know your clients can help you to create a more intuitive, beneficial product (41:31)
  • The importance of having a varied diet to prevent boredom, fatigue, or binge eating (52:02)
  • The most important thing about the food choices we make and how our bodies respond (57:46)

To purchase Pluck, or to learn more about Chef James Barry, check out:

@chefjamesbarry on Instagram

Pluck's Official Facebook Page

Written By

Robert Sikes


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