Joe and Rachel Stauffer Talk About the 2KrazyKetos Lifestyle!

How would the world change if we shared our knowledge and experiences to help others? Today we talk to Joe and Rachel Stauffer of 2 Krazy Ketos, who are the perfect examples of the phrase “new lease on life.” 

Trying every weight loss program imaginable, from severe caloric restriction to CrossFit, Joe and Rachel ultimately found success, and fulfillment, with the ketogenic diet. They’ve maintained their goal weights for over two years and now enjoy spending their time helping others along their ketogenic journey. Their selfless approach to their YouTube channel and Facebook group has helped countless people take control of their health and reap the benefits of a keto lifestyle. Our conversation was extremely uplifting, and I look forward to welcoming them to Arkansas in their RV sometime very soon (buffalo may or may not be involved). 

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How Joe and Rachel got started on their health journey and why they feel it’s so important to help others (4:26)
  • The birth of their YouTube channel and the reasons behind it (5:13)
  • The importance of publishing consistent, authentic content that really speaks to your audience for the right reasons (13:22)
  • How product packaging can lead you down the wrong path when working towards your health goals (21:10)
  • There’s no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to health and fitness (25:54)
  • Feeding your body good, nutritious food is a form of self-love (29:39)
  • Good health and nutrition is about so much more than weight loss (31:46)
  • The importance of resistance training to overall health and longevity (33:37)
  • The reason behind their purchase of an RV and what it has added to their life (45:50)
  • How mini-trips are less stressful than longer vacations, especially if something unforeseen happens (48:26)
  • The importance of spending time with those who share your vision and lifestyle habits, not just in the virtual space but in person as well (56:37)

To follow Joe and Rachel in their 2 Krazy Ketos RV, check them out at:

Written By

Robert Sikes


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