Colin Stuckert’s Quest to Empower Humans to Take Control of Their Lives and Make a Difference

What would be your tipping point to finally make the changes in your life to be happy and fulfilled? In today's episode, Colin Stuckert and I discuss his quest to empower others to change their mindset in order to be the type of person they want to be.

Colin is a repeat guest to The Keto Savage podcast, so be sure to check out our original discussion here! Founder and CEO of Wild Foods Co, Colin is on a mission to challenge individuals to step outside their comfort zone and do things that challenge and fulfill them. He is also the founder of The Better Human School and host of the popular Better Human Podcast. It was a pleasure to chat with Colin again and we're excited to see what he has in store for the future. 

 What we talked about in this episode: 

  • Colin's challenge to truly reach and help people on the internet when things such as algorithms are constantly changing (1:33)
  • How his pursuit to help people online has led to digging a bit deeper into mindset and how it can hinder or help your ability to make changes in your life (3:23) 
  • The danger of never challenging oneself and falling into a life of routine and comfort (7:52) The future generational implications of leading a sedentary lifestyle (9:45) 
  • Censorship and how it inhibits the sharing of information and engaging in civilized debate and conversation (11:01) 
  • Starting at the individual level to start the ripple effect of change in communities, countries, and the world as a whole (13:37) 
  • How things could drastically change if we hit a critical global tipping point (16:33) 
  • Bitcoin and its emerging role in the economy and influence on the future (18:21) 
  • The benefits of a "slow burn" in relation to building a business and acquiring wealth (20:58) 
  • The importance of following your own path and not comparing yourself to others (24:37) 
  • How pushing yourself through hard seasons builds character and helps prepare you to handle successes and failures (29:19) 
  • The locus of control, what it means, and how it can enhance future success (32:47) 
  • Growth versus fixed mindset and the importance of raising children with a growth mindset (35:42) 
  • The difference between wanting "things" and actually wanting to earn things through hard work and sacrifice (40:57) 
  • Limiting beliefs and how they affect your success in business and life (42:23) 
  • The future of the post-Covid United States and how things could possibly change all over the world (48:50) 
  • The fragility of modern society and the importance of being prepared for massive change (52:54) 

 You can learn more about Colin and what he's up to at:
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Robert Sikes


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