Nutrition, Fitness, Training, and Movement with Bronson Dant

Do you want more out of life than simply getting out of bed every morning with fewer aches and pains? In today's episode, Bronson and I discuss the importance of constantly challenging your body to do more to increase overall health and mobility.

Bronson is a repeat guest to our show and it's always great chatting with him. At 38 years old, Bronson saw a picture of himself on the beach and was taken aback by what he saw. His health and fitness were not optimal and he decided right then that he would make serious changes to his nutrition and physical training in order to look and feel healthy and strong. He's currently killing it as an online coach, providing his clients with access to an app and fitness programs to help them meet their goals without needing access to a gym. Bronson truly has passion for what he does and we look forward to working with him again in the future.

What you'll hear in this episode:

  • Bronson's training and technique videos he did for us that are now on our redesigned site (2:36) 
  • His increase in lean muscle mass while following a strictly carnivore approach (3:41) 
  • His accomplishments at the CrossFit open this year (4:38) 
  • The bad reputation that CrossFit has and why it's not representative of the industry as a whole (6:56) 
  • Bronson's focus on getting people to understand the importance of building lean muscle mass (7:05) 
  • How restricting yourself nutritionally isn't enjoyable and will ultimately lead to failure (10:56) 
  • Analysis paralysis and how it can wreak havoc on your fitness and nutrition goals (11:47) 
  • The benefits of starting out small and moving your body everyday in order to make lifelong changes (13:35) 
  • The importance of adequate protein intake in order to build lean muscle (15:58) 
  • The dangers of a severe caloric deficit when attempting to lose weight (18:23) 
  • How hiring a coach can be beneficial in the beginning of your fitness journey to help you make sense of the abundance of information available to you (20:11) 
  • Protein ratios and how they should be tweaked based on individual needs and goals (28:22) 
  • Working with clients on breaking through the societal pressure that says you have to starve yourself to lose weight and handling the stigma surrounding eating to satiety (32:16) 
  • The metabolic benefits to increasing lean muscle mass (37:53) 
  • Bronson's definition of "healthy" (41:19) 
  • The relationship between nutrition and fitness and how they complement one another (42:35) 
  • Challenging yourself physically no matter where you are on your fitness journey (52:51) 

Check out Bronson's coaching program here: 

The Apex Training System

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Written By

Robert Sikes


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