Dialing it in with the Black Carnivore

Have you seen success by following a ketogenic or carnivore way of life? Ede Fox has lost over 80 pounds by following keto and now carnivore. She has a huge social media following, where she shares her journey and seeks to help others. I really enjoyed this conversation and I know you'll be inspired as well.

What you'll hear:

  • Keto Con (1:17)
  • Her backstory and motivation for diving into keto (2:43)
  • Standard American Diet (6:08)
  • What piqued her interest in keto (7:00)
  • How the keto landscape has changed over the years (8:49)
  • The motivation behind making the switch to carnivore (11:23)
  • Food allergies and sensitivities (14:34)
  • How she defines carnivore (16:16)
  • The psychological aspect of dieting (21:03)
  • What she sees as common pitfalls for people entering the carnivore space (22:29)
  • The importance of consuming enough fat (26:07)
  • Deciphering conflicting information (30:06)
  • Organ meats (32:44)
  • Bone marrow (37:05)
  • Raw vs. cooked meat (37:57)
  • How The Black Carnivore came to be (41:04)
  • Why there is such a disparity between different segments of people in the keto carnivore space (44:06)
  • The five day challenge she has coming up (46:32)
  • Her family's reaction to her lifestyle (49:09)
  • The future of the keto carnivore lifestyle (53:34)
  • Respectful communication within the keto community (55:29)

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Written By

Robert Sikes


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