Epilepsy, Keto, and Endurance Running with Michael Leddy

Did you know that a ketogenic diet can be an effective treatment for epilepsy? Michael Leddy has lived with epilepsy from a young age, dealing with seizures regularly. Having tried surgery in 2012 with short-lived effects, he began a ketogenic diet in 2017 and has found it to be a more effective treatment than other options. It was a pleasure to have him on the podcast and learn from him and I know you'll also enjoy this episode.

What you'll hear:

  • His recent running events (1:00)
  • The mental challenges involved with endurance running (3:13)
  • Living with epilepsy, his experience with brain surgery, and his discovery of the keto diet (8:33)
  • Seizure triggers and its unpredictability (13:54)
  • Managing epilepsy through diet and lifestyle changes (20:06)
  • Macronutrient tracking and fluctuating ketone levels (25:10)
  • Running as a way to cope with the emotional effects of epilepsy (30:51)
  • Experimentation with nutrition and his experience with disordered eating (35:27)
  • The importance of electrolyte consumption (40:59)
  • The benefits of a ketogenic diet on mental health (45:40)
  • Mental discipline (49:52)
  • Weight training and keto (53:51)
  • Adhering to the ketogenic lifestyle while traveling (58:08)
  • Adapting to life with epilepsy and the importance of being aware of the body's needs (1:01:54)

Look for Michael on Strava to follow his running journey!

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Written By

Robert Sikes


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