Trusting Your Gut with Dane Johnson

Do you suffer from poor gut health? Dane Johnson has battled Crohn's colitis and ulcerative colitis for a good portion of his life. Through experimentation, he has found the proper protocol for his body to help control these ailments and improve his life. We had a great conversation about this and also mindset, and I know you'll enjoy it as well.

What you'll hear:

  • What ailments Dane struggles with and how it affects daily life (2:15)
  • Living with ulcerative colitis and the benefits of functional medicine (6:37)
  • His near-death experience due to gluten intolerance and recovery with an antiviral treatment (11:25)
  • Root causes of IBD and the limits of traditional medicine (15:37)
  • Personal responsibility for health and self-empowerment through nutrition and wellness (21:36)
  • Overcoming obstacles and achieving goals through mindset and consistency (26:57)
  • Finding ways to stay optimistic (30:33)
  • Health and wellness trends, including keto and intermittent fasting (34:30)
  • The importance of positivity and community to overcome obstacles (37:42)
  • Life balance, self-improvement, and success (43:42)
  • Simplifying daily routines for better consistency and success (47:29)
  • Probiotics and digestive health (51:18)
  • Personalized gut health and treatment (57:34)
  • Natural remedies for children's gut health issues (59:30)
  • Gut health and disease prevention through diet and lifestyle changes (1:02:31)
  • Functional lab tests for checking gut health and mold exposure (1:07:12)
  • Carnivore diet benefits and limitations (1:14:38)
  • Dietary approaches for colon health and cancer prevention (1:17:31)
  • Dogmatic thinking and the importance of seeing the whole picture when it comes to health and nutrition (1:20:08)
  • Personalized nutrition and dietary approaches (1:27:11)
  • The importance of listening to one's body (1:30:27)

Where to learn more about Dane's story:

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Written By

Robert Sikes


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