Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Oils with Udo Erasmus

Are you confused about the types of oils you should or shouldn't be eating? Born during the second world war in Europe, Udo Erasmus has led a very colorful life. After being poisoned by pesticides in 1980, he turned his passion to health and began obsessively studying scientific literature, specifically on healthy oils. Udo is such a knowledgeable person, and I learned so much from our discussion. I know you'll enjoy it as well.

What we discussed:

  • His background and what got him into the nutrition space (1:52)
  • The public's awareness of the importance of quality oils (7:09)
  • Omega 3 and omega 6 (9:45)
  • The standards for processing oils (15:10)
  • How oils are damaged and made unhealthy through processing (18:28)
  • Shelf life (21:33)
  • What types of oils to use for cooking and why frying isn't healthy (25:53)
  • His preferred sources for omega three and omega six fats (30:01)
  • Consuming omegas through dietary sources vs. an oil "supplement" (38:21)
  • His gravitation to a ketogenic approach (42:55)
  • What his personal diet looks like (46:14)
  • Factory farming (50:34)
  • Avoiding pesticides and chemicals by eating organic (52:10)
  • What "cold pressed" actually means (55:31)
  • Udo's process for harvesting the oils (58:50)

Where to learn more about Udo and his oils:

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Robert Sikes


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