The Science of Nutrition with Bart Kay

Are you confused about which nutritional protocol is best for you? In this episode, I welcome Bart Kay, a retired scientist turned YouTube personality, educating people by subterfuge. He has a wealth of information on the physiology of nutrition, which he delivers in a funny, sarcastic way to his audience. I learned a ton from him, and I'm sure you will as well.

What you'll hear:

  • HIs interests outside of the nutrition space (1:47)
  • The divisive topic of nutrition and how he handles the haters (3:59)
  • His idyllic, rural lifestyle (6:07)
  • His personal stance on nutrition (8:16)
  • The propaganda of the western diet (9:54)
  • Why there's pushback from people in traditional academia (14:32)
  • The invalidity of studies where subjects were left to live in their own homes under their own recognizance (17:27)
  • The impossibility of an effective study in nutrition (19:57)
  • When he decided to deviate from the status quo in his research and experimentation (25:35)
  • Freedom of speech in academics (29:52)
  • The number of people he's been able to reach outside of the classroom setting (32:47)
  • Vegetation consumption from an evolutionary perspective (35:05)
  • Fruit and honey on the carnivore diet (38:38)
  • Nothing to be gained by adding exogenous carbohydrates to the human diet (40:45)
  • Ideal fat to protein ratio (46:30)
  • Improving the situation for those who have been chronically under eating (51:22)
  • Debunking calories in, calories out (57:33)
  • The most accurate gauge of how much food you should be eating on a carnivore diet (1:01:41)
  • Dairy consumption (1:03:02)
  • Organ meats (1:05:27)
  • What's on his mind right now in the nutritional realm (1:11:14)

Where to learn more from Bart:

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Written By

Robert Sikes


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