Getting on the Same Wavelength with Dr. Andrew Hill

If you've ever been curious about the different brainwaves and what they mean for your body, you'll definitely find some answers in this episode. Dr Andrew Hill, holds a PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience from UCLA and has extensive experience in the field of neurofeedback and QEEG. Dr. Hill is an expert in functional brain health and performance optimization, and has lectured on Neuroscience, Gerontology, & Psychology at UCLA. ( I've never recorded an episode quite like this and I'm excited to share it with you!

What we discussed:

  • What got him interested in the brain to begin with (1:54)
  • ADHS, autism, and neurofeedback training (3:30)
  • The early days of neurofeedback and its effectiveness (4:28)
  • Neurofeedback and brain mapping (7:58)
  • Training brainwaves (14:14)
  • Understanding and improving brain function (17:20)
  • The effectiveness of neurofeedback in treating OCD, ADHD, seizures, and other ailments (19:45)
  • Neurofeedback as a holistic approach to treating anxiety, sleep, and improving executive function (25:14)
  • Using EEG to understand brain function and improve mental health (27:57)
  • Brain mapping techniques and strategies (31:26)
  • EEG assessment and executive function test (37:16)
  • Using brain mapping tools to identify issues with focus and sleep maintenance to help clients improve these areas (39:41)
  • EEG diagnostics to tailor training programs for each individual's treatment needs (43:20)
  • Toxicity testing in cats and brain wave research (50:11)
  • The power of sensory motor rhythm in treating ADHD, seizures, and sleep disorders (53:14)
  • The importance of working with a therapist for brain mapping to help you understand your unique needs (56:31)
  • Self-awareness in neurofeedback training (1:02:40)
  • Using neurofeedback to train brain waves for relaxation and focus (1:05:52)
  • Peak Brain Institute offerings (1:09:16)

Where to find out more:

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Robert Sikes


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