Medicine 4.0 with Dr. Adeel Khan

If you're curious about stem cell therapy, then this podcast should help to shed some light on this topic. Dr. Khan is the CEO and Founder of eterna health clinics, a medical technology company and a revolutionary concept in specialized healthcare offering unparalleled treatment options that stand out in the medical landscape. Dr. Khan's grand vision reaches beyond personal success. His ultimate aspiration is to democratize regenerative medicine, making it affordable and accessible to people from all walks of life. ( I learned an incredible amount from this conversation and I know you will as well.

What you'll hear:

  • Stem cell regulation and its potential in medicine (1:24)
  • Peptide therapy and its differences from traditional medicine (5:01)
  • The accelerated pace of modern medicine (8:44)
  • Lifestyle and exercise to prevent disease, and medicine 4.0, cell and gene therapy to increase resilience and life span (10:12)
  • Stem cell therapy and its potential use (11:48)
  • Anti-aging therapy and its accessibility (18:05)
  • The benefits and controversy of peptides being used for muscle gain and recovery (21:22)
  • Stem cell treatments for diabetes and aging (24:19)
  • Gene therapy and its potential to cure chronic illnesses (28:02)
  • The healthcare systems in the US and Canada (34:16)
  • Cell and gene therapy advancements and their potential impact on healthcare (37:21)
  • Gene editing and stem cell technology (40:27)
  • Stem cell banking and genetic engineering for anti-aging (43:32)

Where to dive deeper into stem cell research and Dr. Khan's work:

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Robert Sikes


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