Going the Distance with Jonathan Shane

For this episode, I welcome back friend, runner, and founder of The Keto Road, Jonathan Shane. He recently launched his supplement company, so I invited him back to discuss his running and business endeavors. We talked about a little bit of everything in this episode, so you're bound to hear something that resonates with you.

What we discussed:

  • How we spent our days during our in-person visit (1:55)
  • Running four miles on rocky, technical terrain (3;21)
  • Launching Energized Reds (5:21)
  • The journey to success and learning from mistakes (8:54)
  • The importance of having a mentor (10:33)
  • The new product he's launching and how to join the waitlist (12:31)
  • Rebranding (15:23)
  • The differences between greens and reds supplements (16:44)
  • Beginning his official running training season and what that entails (22:02)
  • How he changes his nutrition as his training increases (24:16)
  • Manipulating caloric intake on the fly (27:09)
  • Increasing carbohydrate consumption to minimize cortisol levels (29:27)
  • His stress levels prior to and after 2020 (37:40)
  • How he structures his carbohydrate eating based on the distance he's running (38:43)
  • His experiment with eating how a traditional long distance runner would eat (40:29)
  • How to dispel the myth that you need carbohydrates in order to perform well in the world of running (43:31)
  • What it takes to be a professional runner (45:09)
  • High carb vs. low carb running (47:38)
  • Running as the primary modality for training (52:05)
  • Obstacle course races (52:56)
  • His first run of the season and upcoming schedule (56:35)

Where to find out more about Jonathan and his supplement company:

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Robert Sikes


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