Ketogenic Bodybuilding and Supplements from Down Under with Andrew Madigan

Andrew Madigan is the head honcho at Foundry Industries and a fellow ketogenic bodybuilder. I couldn't wait to pick his brain about business and his experience with his first clean ketogenic competition prep. We had a lot to discuss, so I'm sure you'll take something from the conversation.

What we discussed:

  • How he began his ketogenic prep (2:58)
  • Branching out with recipes and cooking (7:14)
  • How the results of this prep compare with those he's done previously (10:34)
  • Sodium and electrolyte intake (12:30)
  • Salt cravings (16:26)
  • The results of his two shows this season (17:50)
  • Consuming too much sodium before a show (19:36)
  • The importance of taking a break between competitions (23:29)
  • The details of the shows in Australia (25:59)
  • Natural bodybuilding gaining momentum and popularity (31:43)
  • Pros and cons of taking supplements (34:13)
  • Why the burden of evidence should fall on the necessity of carbs as opposed to the absence of carbs (37:33)
  • Having the mental fortitude and discipline to decline additional food during a prep (43:11)
  • Eating healthy, alternative meals with zero guilt (47:07)
  • Ways to incorporate keto bricks into your diet (49:55)
  • Being objective when it comes to business (58:34)
  • Sourcing high-quality ingredients and providing a stellar product (1:05:15)
  • The importance of giving people options (1:08:38)

Where to learn more about Andrew and Foundry Industries:

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Robert Sikes


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