Healing Emotionally and Physically as a Carnivore with Katie Kelly

Have you tried everything to heal your gut issues and your relationship with food? Katie Kelly found relief from Crohn's Disease and mended her emotional relationship with eating by following a carnivore lifestyle.

Hailing from Fishers, Indiana, Katie is an aficionado of health, mindset, relationships, & self healing. She grew up on her family's beef cattle and crop farm where agriculture was her first love. She is a Purdue University graduate well-known for her storytelling of life lessons and personal transformation through her own relationships, Crohn's Disease, disordered eating, CrossFit, and adapting a carnivore diet lifestyle. Katie also has over 16 years experience as a Registered Radiologic Technologist, Crossfit Level 1, and Certified Nutritionist.

What we discussed on today's episode:

  • The air fryer meat bar phenomenon she started on Instagram (1:40)
  • Her experience battling Crohn's disease and how she discovered a carnivore lifestyle was her key to a cure (5:35)
  • Katie's backstory with abdominal pain and bloating that began when she was a child (10:58)
  • Her struggle with disordered eating and body image issues (13:19)
  • The success she has seen as a CrossFit athlete following a carnivore diet (18:59)
  • Satiety and hunger cues and the importance of slowing down while eating and listening to your body (21:57)
  • How her performance and strength were impacted when switching to a carnivore lifestyle (25:31)
  • The importance of giving your body time to adjust to a new way of eating and allowing your performance levels to adapt and grow (27:42)
  • The very real possibility of overeating meat when starting a carnivorous diet, especially if you struggle with disordered eating (28:36)
  • Katie's maintenance intake from a macronutrient standpoint (30:58)
  • The downfall of chronically undereating (32:09)
  • Fueling and resting the body properly and consuming enough calories as crucial elements to seeing results (33:08)
  • Reverse dieting for women and how it can ultimately lead to success in reaching your health and fitness goals (39:04)
  • How Katie prepares her clients for reverse dieting to help with body image and possible weight gain (40:55)
  • Her opinion on protein sparing modified fasting (43:25)
  • How she approaches working with clients who have an abundance of weight to lose but have been chronically restricting calories for far too long (49:14)
  • Mindset and how she maintains her positivity day in and day out (51:05)
  • When she developed her self-assertiveness and how it has served her in life (55:43)
  • What's next in the pipeline for Katie (58:36)
  • Where to learn more about Katie's coaching and overall badassery:


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Robert Sikes


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