Digging In To Plants with Dr. Dan Gubler

Do you follow a carnivore approach to nutrition but are curious about plants and their benefits? Dr. Dan Gubler is an expert in the botany field and it was refreshing to take a step back from carnivore keto space and dive into all things plants. 

Dr. Dan is a Caltech-trained natural product chemist that has traveled to every continent discovering and researching bioactive compounds in plants and using them to help others. He holds 16 patents and has developed 70 nutritional supplements that gross $500 million in annual sales. He is an expert on how natural molecules from plants can improve any health condition. Dr. Gubler is a member of the London Speaker Bureau and has spoken at over 150 events in 40 countries to audiences as large as 60,000. Dr. Dan is one of the founders and Chief Science Officer at Brilliant—an innovative proactive wellness company that formulates nutritional supplements to unleash our innate brilliance. He is also the host of Discover with Dr. Dan | The Proactive Health Podcast.

What you’ll learn on today’s episode:

  • Dr. Dan’s background and what brought him to the health and nutrition space (2:35)
  • The vast amount of plant species compared to the small percentage that has actually been studied for their health benefits (3:27)
  • Signaling properties of plants and how they affect us when we ingest them (4:29)
  • Positive and negative effects of consuming certain plants and why it’s important to know which are safe for consumption (8:04)
  • The different classes of tannins and which are harmful to the digestive tract (9:01)
  • Why antioxidants aren’t the be-all, end-all, depending on the other macronutrients in the plant (10:51)
  • Certain plants in the mainstream diet that Dr. Dan stays away from (11:41)
  • His opinion on balance when it comes to nutrition and the importance of incorporating plants into one’s diet (12:31)
  • What’s missing in a carnivorous diet that can only be found in plants (16:25)
  • Sugar consumption and how it contributes to inflammation (18:10)
  • Dr. Dan’s opinion on veganism and vegetarianism (20:52)
  • Supplementation as a way to make up for a lack of plant consumption (22:31)
  • Berberine and how it aids in glucose disposal (24:41)
  • Pesticides and phytoestrogens and how to navigate their negative effects (25:29)
  • Dr. Dan’s personal garden and the types of things he grows and consumes (26:42)
  • The nutrient deficit found in most store-bought produce (28:34)
  • Gardening tips for each season of growing (29:09)
  • Bee farming and the benefits (30:40)
  • Types of tea and their beneficial compounds (32:29)
  • CBD, THC, and the research coming out surrounding the benefits and risks associated with each (35:19)
  • Different types of mushrooms and their uses (39:19)
  • What Dr. Dan is currently studying and what is in the pipeline for him in the future (48:02)

Where to learn more about Dr. Dan and his work:

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Robert Sikes


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