Improving Global Health with Dr. Josh Levitt

Have you ever considered alternatives to traditional Western medicine? Dr. Josh Levitt is a naturopathic physician based in Connecticut. In practice, Dr. Levitt draws upon the science of both conventional and natural medicine and artfully combines the two into a "best of both worlds" treatment strategy. He employs a unique blend of nutritional therapy, herbal medicine, and physical medicine to treat a wide range of common and complex medical problems. His patients praise him for his ability to educate, motivate, and inspire them with stories and guidance that help them help themselves. (

It was a pleasure to learn from him, and I know you'll take something from this episode.

What you'll hear:

  • Dr. Levitt's backstory and why he pursued the naturopathic path (1:41)
  • Spontaneity and how he's settled down (5:01)
  • The shift to acceptance of a blended approach to medicine and the catalyst for that shift (7:19)
  • Preventative care vs. treatment (9:40)
  • "Woowoo" in alternative medicine (11:32)
  • The field of study he's most interested in and a field that needs more attention than it's getting (13:09)
  • Barriers to access to traditional medical treatment in the US (14:55)
  • His typical client and their ailments (17:02)
  • The increase in the awareness of and interest in naturopathic medicine (19:20)
  • Reasons for the decline in the overall health of our population as a whole (21:03)
  • Obesity in America (23:58)
  • How to approach the overall declining health of our population (25:50)
  • The epigenetic effect of our declining health (28:35)
  • Flipping the script and having people live more in line with their evolutionary past (29:46)
  • Ketogenic diet from a biological and nutrient availability standpoint (32:47)
  • The importance of building and maintaining muscle tissue (37:13)
  • Biohacks to incorporate to get relatively quick results and benefits (38:43)
  • Hormone replacement therapy (41:38)
  • The aging process (45:36)
  • Chiropractic work (48:52)
  • Taking a holistic approach to treat clients (51:27)
  • Knee health and training (51:55)
  • Compression boots (54:43)
  • What he's excited about (59:24)

Where to learn more from Dr. Levitt:

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Robert Sikes


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