The Carnivorous Side of YouTube with Lillie Kane

If you're aspiring to create your own YouTube channel, then this episode is for you! Lillie Kane is a ketogenic follower and spreads nothing but positivity on her YouTube channel. It was a pleasure to chat with her about the ins and outs of running a successful channel as well as her journey following a ketogenic nutritional protocol. I've got no doubt you'll enjoy this episode.

What we discussed:

  • The secret behind her seemingly overnight success on YouTube (2:11)
  • Her experience with keto/carnivore and how she structures her content (5:21)
  • The process of creating and editing a video (7:02)
  • The catalyst for her beginning keto (8:00)
  • Food waste and good vs. bad carbs (13:56)
  • How she and her husband structure their eating (15:31)
  • Tracking macros vs. eating intuitively (16:46)
  • Hot topics that are trending now in the keto and carnivore spaces (17:43)
  • Reverse dieting and the dangers of under-consuming (20:33)
  • Fat and protein ratios based on her viewership and target audience (24:40)
  • How she navigates the waters of sensationalism when it comes to online content creation (27:58)
  • Topics she avoids discussing (29:11)
  • The advice she'd give to someone hoping to start their own successful YouTube channel (30:58)
  • Short-form and long-form content (34:01)
  • Market research and analytics (36:03)
  • The technical side of filming (37:23)
  • Editing content and getting straight to the point (40:14)
  • Being present in the moment instead of always shooting and posting content (44:44)
  • What she has in the works for the near future (45:46)

Where to find Lillie:

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Robert Sikes


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