Keeping Your Mindset Fit with Kathleen Trotter

Did you know that keeping your mindset fit is as important as keeping your body fit? Kathleen Trotter became a fitness expert to help others learn to love their bodies and find joy in keeping themselves fit and healthy. She guides her clients to reach their goals by helping them discover what works best for them as individuals. We have a lot of things in common and it was a pleasure having her on the podcast.

What you'll hear in this episode:

  • Her background and why she became interested in the health and fitness space (1:33)
  • Finding your joy and passion (5:44)
  • The three pillars of health and wellness (13:00)
  • Finding balance to avoid injury (15:01)
  • Repetition is the mother of all skill (16:19)
  • How being comparison-driven can hinder your ability to reach your goals (20:14)
  • The importance of starting off small and being consistent (22:31)
  • Progressive overload of the body and mind (25:10)
  • Surrounding yourself with people who have similar goals and motivation (27:53)
  • Creating good systems so that when you're motivation is low, you're not derailed (29:21)
  • Other goals Kathleen has in her life where systems aren't helpful (30:50)
  • Having an objective view of your life and schedule (33:43)
  • How she structures the beginning and end of her days (36:27)
  • Struggling with meditation and journaling (38:40)
  • Pairing something you love or already do with a habit you want to make (40:14)
  • Frontloading activities you don't really want to do (42:50)
  • Time stealers that she struggles with (43:54)
  • Knowing what you need vs. what you want (44:59)
  • The trick with being balanced (48:02)
  • What she has coming up in the future (53:08)

Where to find Kathleen:

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Robert Sikes


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