Low Carb Denver with Dr. Jeff Gerber

Dr. Jeff Gerber is a family physician and the man behind Low Carb Denver. It was a pleasure to learn his backstory and dig a bit deeper into his upbringing and what got him into the low-carb space initially.

What you'll hear in this episode:

  • Dr. Gerber's background in family medicine and why he entered the low-carb space (2:16)
  • His family history in medicine and nutrition (5:34)
  • Pattern recognition in the health ailments of his patients (7:08)
  • Moderation vs. elimination (9:09)
  • A place for carbohydrates (12:22)
  • Fat adaptation and athleticism (14:35)
  • Protein restriction and ketosis (17:15)
  • Fasting and feeding frequency and his personal nutritional protocol (20:49)
  • His personal reasons for going low-carb (25:02)
  • Routine (27:12)
  • Creatine and recovery (28:59)
  • The legacy of Low Carb Denver (32:47)
  • The importance of being open-minded (37:49)
  • Where he sees nutrition going in the future (40:32)
  • All the details on Low Carb Denver (43:01)

Where to find out more about the conference:

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Written By

Robert Sikes


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