Keto and Blood Sugar with Dr. Laura Buchanan

Are you curious as to how a ketogenic diet can help battle blood sugar issues or diabetes? Dr. Laura Buchanan is a Board-Certified Family Medicine physician and Metabolic Health Practitioner. The mission that drives her is to help people age successfully. That passion was initially derived from a love of sports but has since evolved and expanded to include a passion for healthy living generally, including the importance of nutrition, exercise, mental wellness, and an optimal use of the medical system. She sees her role as a doctor being two-fold: promoting prevention and practicing medicine. ( She has a wealth of information regarding low-carb lifestyle approaches and health benefits, so I know you'll take something from this episode.

What we discussed:

  • Her work with Dr. Tro (1:19)
  • Anti-aging strategies and nutrition (2:30)
  • Common denominators in clients, friends, and family with health issues (10:03)
  • Harmful seed oils (12:23)
  • Low-carb diets and their impact on health (14:59)
  • Protein intake and glucose monitoring (20:59)
  • Using continuous glucose monitors for managing diabetes (28:45)
  • Following a ketogenic diet during pregnancy and breastfeeding (33:28)
  • Managing diabetes and nutrition in children (40:41)
  • The benefits of a well-formulated ketogenic diet for metabolic health (45:37)
  • Proper nutrition and mental health benefits (50:50)

Where to learn more about Laura and her work:

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Robert Sikes


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