Keto Competition Prep with Bronson Dant

In this episode of the podcast, I’m talking with repeat guest and friend, Bronson Dant. If you’ve listened to our previous episodes together, you’ll know that our nutritional approach differs in that Bronson focuses on higher protein and lower fat, and I follow a ketogenic approach to bodybuilding.  Bronson has decided to challenge himself by going through a competition prep utilizing a ketogenic protocol with me as his coach. I’m very excited to work with him and I hope you enjoy this episode.

What we discussed: 

  • Our different approaches to addressing our audiences and what we focus on (2:37)
  • Bronson’s end goals in completing a competition prep with me (4:26)
  • Hunger and competition prep (4:56)
  • The different types of nutritional protocols for prep and why Bronson chose to try something totally different than what he’s used to (5:56)
  • The importance of finding out what is sustainable and healthy for each individual when working towards the goal of a competition (7:21)
  • Proper human diet from a biological standpoint and how the psychological and emotional relationship people have with food comes into play (9:05)
  • Bronson’s current macros (10:21)
  • The last time he was in a calorie deficit and how he feels at his current macros (11:32)
  • My recommendation that he undergo a hormone panel to get an idea of his baseline (13:06)
  • Body fat percentage (13:44)
  • What training currently looks like for Bronson (14:15)
  • A typical 24 hours for him including meal times, sleep, etc. (16:35)
  • The recent adjustment to his sleep schedule and how that has affected him (20:38)
  • Bronson’s water and electrolyte intake (21:32)
  • Supplementation (22:43)
  • The timeline for our experiment (25:22)
  • The importance of tracking macros when making any nutritional changes or preparing for a competition (27:49)
  • How his training will progress throughout this process (28:44)
  • Where I plan to start Bronson off in regards to caloric intake and macronutrients (31:49)
  • Protein and muscle preservation (35:28)
  • Weight tracking (38:12)
  • Weight loss and the sagging skin that may come as a result (40:05)
  • The importance of having an end goal to keep up motivation as things start to get monotonous (42:12)
  • Next steps (43:37)

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Robert Sikes


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