Protein, Fasting, and Finding Balance with Vanessa Spina

With so much information out there about keto, protein, and fasting, how do you choose what’s best for you? Vanessa has found her passion in helping people on their journey towards a healthy, ketogenic based lifestyle. 

Vanessa Spina is a Sports Nutrition Specialist (SNS) and the Best Selling author of Keto Essentials. She is an international speaker on the science of keto and host of the popular Fast Keto Podcast and is also a Biomedical Science student at U of T.

Vanessa founded Ketogenic Girl in 2015 which has an online social media audience of over half a million people between Instagram and Facebook, and several thousand people have done her popular KetogenicGirl Challenge program which serves to optimize metabolic health with nutrient-dense real food nutrition. (

What we talked about in this episode:

  • What has been going on in Vanessa’s life since we last talked in 2019 (1:50)
  • Her transition from a career in finance to nutrition (2:54)
  • What made her decide to shift from her chosen career path to building a brand in the ketogenic space (4:13)
  • The sacrifices one makes when starting a new business (7:05)
  • The two biggest trends Vanessa has seen emerge in the ketogenic space recently and her opinions on both (8:11)
  • Optimal protein vs. high protein (13:16)
  • Caloric consumption and the importance of optimizing intake based on each individual’s needs and goals (15:01)
  • Looking at food as fuel and analyzing the different components, counting macros vs. calories (16:50)
  • Fasting, its benefits, and why it shouldn’t be used strictly for fat or weight loss (20:04)
  • Protein sparing modified fasting and our slight difference of opinion (27:04)
  • Vanessa’s challenge to me regarding PSMF and the possibility of continued success and overall well-being (34:10)
  • Protein from a satiety standpoint and the differing opinions out there (36:41)
  • The importance of sustainability from a nutritional standpoint (38:26)
  • Finding what works best for you and ignoring the negativity and confusion on the internet (40:56)
  • The best investment you can make is in yourself (42:05)
  • What’s in the pipeline for Vanessa (42:26)

Where to learn more about Vanessa’s exciting announcement and learn more from her: 

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Robert Sikes


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