Living the Psychedelic Life with Paul Austin

Many episodes on this podcast discuss alternative methods for healing and wellness, and this episode is no exception. Paul F. Austin, a prominent figure in psychedelics, has guided millions to safe and meaningful psychedelic experiences through his work as the founder of Third Wave. Featured in Bloomberg, Rolling Stone, Inc., and the BBC's Worklife, to name a few, he's curious about the convergence of psychedelics, personal transformation, and professional success and how they weave together to help form a meaningful existence.

Paul empowers leaders, creatives, and pioneers to leverage psychedelics for profound personal and professional growth. He views utilizing psychedelics as a refined skill cultivated through mentorship, exploration, and purposeful use—critical for humanity's ongoing evolution. ( I know nothing about this topic from personal experience, so it was a pleasure to have this discussion and learn from his expertise. I know you'll find it interesting as well. 

What we discussed: 

  • The benefits of taking psychedelics as an alternative to traditional medicine, especially when treating mental health issues (1:28)
  • Psychedelics, personal growth, and responsible use (4:42)
  • The stigma surrounding psychedelic usage and promoting legalization around the world (9:37)
  • The progressive attitudes towards psychedelics in other countries (15:00)
  • Legal availability of some psychedelics in the United States, and the importance of education and professional medical support when working with psychedelics (17:37)
  • Microdosing for personal growth and healing (23:24)
  • Using psychedelics to facilitate a deconditioning process, allowing individuals to remove external influences and discover their true desires and what they're passionate about (29:38)
  • Work-life balance and the impact of societal expectation on personal fulfillment (32:10)
  • Setting aside time for oneself for meditation, breathwork, prayer, etc. (38:06)
  • How psychedelics affect the brain and body (44:10)
  • Potential therapeutic benefits of psychedelics (47:21)
  • Mental health benefits of using psychedelics and how cannabis is different (53:58)
  • Paul's upcoming book release (1:00:17)

Where to learn more: 

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Robert Sikes


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